Senior Nursery – Class 2014

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This SY(2013-2014), we are in Senior Nursery. Who would have thought nurseries have junior and senior levels? Then kindergarten. Then oh I hope there is no more “prep”, or we may get drained without reaching grade 1. LOLs 

First day of school 2013This year, we are very lucky to have the school president to be our teacher… AGAIN! : )
Taken first day of school June 13, 2013

Last year, I have religiously blogged school activities; I am guilty of not doing the same this year. So in the hope of doing the same, I am back tracking with a summary of the first half of SY2013.

We had the Mommy and Child which miraculously I was able to blog about :p

And of course, the paternal counterpart, the Daddy and Child day. It was originally a minute to win it themed activity but because of the typhoon and its aftermath, the school decided to change the activity into a repacking activity. Now isn’t that wonderful?


There was also linggo ng wika where we used her red Filipinana dress last year

Linggo ng Wika 2013Naki red lang din ako :p

Grandparents Day

Last year, it was Papa who graced the Grandparents day event, this year we invited Mama

GrandParents Day 2013

She does this best: silly faces!

Sachi’s class danced the “Mama Mia”. I am so proud of my baby girl!

The last activity for the sem is the “ala trick or treat”. This year’s theme is Wizard of Oz. The teachers were all out in their costumes… even the parents! How cool! Biglang nawalan ng effect ang pagka “stage parent” ko. There were mommies wearing all-out costumes, walang effect ang effort ng zebra headband and scarf ko. haha!

Zebra ladies 2013



There is still the other half of the school year, and we look forward to it!


The above post was drafted November last year. Now 4 months after, I am finally publishing and finishing the post. We already finished Senior Nursery and Sachi graduated, ready for her big school! But before that, below are the second half of school activities:

Christmas Concert in December

Butterfly girls

The class sang “Noche de Paz”, Spanish version of Silent Night. Thus, the flag bib 🙂

Dec 2014 Concert

Christmas Concert 2014 ISYC

Dinosaurs Island Field Trip to start off 2014

Dino Island

The Senior Nursery Butterflies
Jan 23, 2014

Family Day Fun Run

Sachi at Fun Run

February 9, 2014

Fun Run 2014

Family Day 2014
The school organized a Fun Run activity for the families, held at UP Track Oval. We joined the 400m Family Run.
With my barely there tummy but my I-don’t-know-when-my-preggy-pain-episodes-will-attack, I braved the track. Sachi ended up dragging me. Haha! 🙂

Then finally, March activity is the Moving Up and Graduation Day.


Sachi with her SN Teachers: Teacher Leah and Teacher Tin


The class sang “I am but a small voice” and Sachi was one of the students that introduced their class performance

“All throughout our Senior Year, we danced and sang a lot. But now with voices loud and clear, we’ll sing with all we’ve got!”


Look how tall she is!






So proud of her as she delivered her lines loud and clear.

“My name is Isabel Sachi P. Delos Santos. I learned how to sing my favorite songs like Take a Trip, Seed Cycle and 8 Planets in ISYC”


Senior Nursery Class 2014



We originally planned to take assessment at Poveda and Miriam, but since she passed Poveda, we didn’t take the Miriam test anymore. Unfortunately for us, the wind blew in a different direction and we had to let go of Poveda too.

Grad 3


We are one proud parents!

As we say goodbye to 2 years of preschool education, I just want to note that we are both very happy and satisfied with this first formal school. Thank you Lord for leading us here and always blessing us, so we can provide.

We love you Sachi, we are beaming with pride!

Pre-School Hunt

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Sachi loves to go to school. We started her last year at Tumble Tots. Sadly, the British Preschool closed so we have yet to find another school for her.

Last summer, we already started with the classroom set-up, where she goes to class by herself, without adult companion. So now that I am on the look out for another school, I wanted a school that would admit a 2 and a half year-old without companion. I dont want to back track and accompany her inside the classroom again, she migh get all confused.

So, my first choice is Gymboree. The Eastwood branch is the nearest. Unfortunately, they don’t have a program that promotes idependence for her age. All classes have adult companions.

Second is Mother Goose Playskool in Marikina. I have yet to visit but I’ve already called. They do accept toddlers on a monthly or quarterly sched, depends on the arrangement with the school Directress. That’s one more thing in my criteria –that my little girl goes to school, not for the entire school year, but per session. At her age, an entire school year might be tragic, not only for us but for the child. 2 and a half pa lang… I think it is too early for an entire school year (the very reason why I didn’t push for a june enrollment — thus my hunt at this time of the year).

A major drawback for Mother Goose is the location, it is located at Provident. Although it is near our area, hubby is praning. The village doesn’t really have a good name when the rain starts to pour — and with our weather, I think this school might just be scracthed off our list.

There is also ISYC, the location is good, its near our other baby,  AR-J‘s, and I have read good reviews. I haven’t seen the place yet but I’ve been meaning to visit.

— written August 10, 2011