Costa Pacifica, Baler

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This Holy Week 2014, we visited the recently much talked about new beach destination – Baler. It is just a few hours from our hometown, and with the plans of moving permanently – perhaps starting summer – it seemed like a good idea to plan a Baler trip with friends.


Summer means Palay everywhere. Taken before leaving for Baler

From the town proper of Rizal, it was approximately a 2-hour drive. I couldn’t say it was the best ride, because it was majority all  mountain and zig-zag road (much like Baguio but the zigzag road is longer). If you easily get dizzy and nauseated with this kind of road, taking a form of “byahilo” tablet may be a good idea.


Are we there yet?


Lush greenery and mountains on the way

This is what greeted us —


The pool, the sky, the trees – oh, summer!

  The daddies were tired from the long ride, especially those that came from Manila pa.



The kids had a lovely time swimming. The pool water is warm (although it is green, not blue — I wonder why). The mommies took a dip too — with noodles and kick board in tow. LOL


We can “swim”!


Kids’ Pizza Making

We stayed at Costa Pacifica. Thankfully, we booked months ahead because the place was packed. Actually, that is one downside of this vacation, the whole of Baler was packed. As in ang daming tao. Langgam sa beach. And food takes about an hour to two (yes, 2hrs!) to be served in nearby restaurants. I guess the whole of Baler wasn’t prepared for the number of tourists coming that week.


Yellow Fin, ihaw ihaw



Baler 2014


Family of 4  — Baby Bump at 4 months 🙂


“The sun is hurting my eye mommy” -Sachi


The drivers


The bakasyonistas


The yayas


 With our friends and our kids’ in tow, it was indeed a family vacation.

I’d love to come back when I’m not preggy so we could explore the place thoroughly. AND, when it’s low season. Nalunod ako sa dami ng tao LOL. Our 3 days were spent just on the hotel, the pool and a quick drive in the town proper.


’til next time, Baler!


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So, who’s in the beach today?

Ate, Sachi's here. :) @awwlene

This little girl is BEACHing without me!

I got a tweet (with the pic above) from my cousin saying my little girl is in Baler with them. Oh I missed you more! Knowing my girl, she ain’t gona get out of the sand. I hope they brought a lot of sun block!

Eto pa ate, tinatakbuhan nya yung water. :))

Her love and hate relationship with the water

At para daw hndi umitim... :)) @awwlene
Should I stop worrying about the sunblock? This is so mama — put on the farmer and NPA look to protect the kid from the sun. LOL

Hmmm.. someone didn’t bring a sunblock!