Our Wedding Coordinator

I’ve searched the internet for wedding planners, talked to several coordinators via bridal fairs and food tasting events, and now finally, we’ve decided who will be our partner in this very special occasion – BitsnDetails Wedding Planner.


Ms. Peachy, the head of the group, is our main contact. I find her warm, nice and friendly. She has enough credentials to make me feel safe that my wedding will be well-handled and well-prepared with her help.

BitsnDetails is a DTI registered company but this is not a full time business of theirs. As cliche as it may sound, it is their passion — thus, after their professional work, they do what they enjoy, event planning (in this case, as wedding coordinators).

There are actually several pros and cons that creeped into my mind when I found out that this is not their fulltime job. First off is that time may well be a hindrance because this business serves somehow as a side-line. There may be time-constraint because they’ll probably put their professional work before this. Second, they may not have enough experience, so certain problems may not be anticpated, or maybe not enough suppliers may be recommended.

The pros on the other hand is that — they do not dictate what to do. This is actually one of my anticipated problems in getting a coordinator. Since I want to be hands-on on my wedding, I want my coordinator to work with me, not work for me. You know what I mean? I don’t want her being dominating and all, working her way around suppliers and being a know-it-all and doing everything. So far, Ms. Peach is not in any way like that. Another pro is that, since they do this out of passion (and not simply their bread and butter), you somehow get a feel that they are not in it for the commissions (on suppliers) and other money-making activities.

I’ve only had 2 meetings with Ms. Peach. So far so good. I’m just happy we already have a wedding coordinator. At least now, we have a “go-to” person at times when we feel lost or need any recommendations. Expect that I’ll be in the fullest active mode after I give birth 🙂

I sure hope we’ll continue to have a good relationship with Ms. Peach and the rest of her team.

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