Our Reception Venue

September 24, 2008

After considering several locations, we’ve decided to hold our reception on our first option, The Glass Garden. It’s still nine months ahead, but we want to block the date and start a worry-free planning. So as early as now, we had the venue reserved on our preferred date πŸ™‚

The Glass Garden is a new venue place at Pasig, barely a year in operation. First off, its new so expect the facilities to be working properly, sparkling clean and well, new. The outside design is inspired by English architecture with green and frosted glass, illuminating light from the inside. There are 2 venues that can hold up to 350 capacities each. I choose the Emerald Garden — so fitting for my ideal theme πŸ™‚

The venue is spacious and well-lit. The high ceiling adds to the elegance and charm of the place. The Lobby, with waterfalls and stream is perfect for a little cocktail just before the reception proper. I love that it has a spiral staircase that is fit for a grand entrance (conceited much?). The only thing that is bothering me is the location. The street where it is located is narrow and is dominated by tricycles, trucks and pedestrians. Well, it is near my place which is a pro, but it’s not a Fort or Forbes-like atmosphere.

Nevertheless, once the green gate opens, there stands, amidst the busy crowded street, a lush Glass Garden.

Below are pictures from our several visits. We did an ocular inspection of the bare place, without any set-up. The next visit was when there were 2 different events in both venues (both debut — seen here in blue & silver theme and pink & green theme). The last visit (so far) was when we had our food tasting with Auffrance. Their set-up is really nice, shown below are pictures from the event in hues of gold.

The signage by the gate

The Lobby that leads to the reception area

The entrance from Lobby to the reception area:
The stairs going down is to the reception, the stairs going up is to the bridal suite
(Taken at the Diamond Garden)

The whole reception area (taken at the Emerald Garden)

The drapes and swags. Crystals and the green leave balls hanging are upgrades (read: additional charge)

The set-up that we like so far — I like the hues of gold in this set-up but it’s dominantly yellow. Ours will be more subtle. I don’t want my wedding to have a hepatitis feel. hehe :-p

Other venues we were looking into were: Fernwoods, but opt not to choose it as it has been used several times for all other weddings and different occasions, in Filipino term gasgas na. I have nothing against the place, it’s also beautiful and has such a nice garden setting. We also came across The Oasis, The Blue Leaf and One Esplanade — all with more or less the same rental fee with the Glass Garden. I didn’t have the chance to do ocular inspection on these venues, rather relied much on the internet. I know the big day is several months ahead, but what can I do, JM & I instantly fell in love with the elegance of Glass Garden πŸ™‚

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