Our Make Up Artist

I had a trial make-up with Carlan, my first (and last) at the PICC wedding expo. My make up looked nice, but when I had the chance to take pictures I didn’t like it in print. I guess I just have to tell her the look that I want. I’m sure she knows what she’s doing πŸ™‚

Our deciding factor in getting the services of Jeng-Sy and Carlan Teng? Their office/studio is located near our place. Come to think of it, would it matter? Preparations will be done in the hotel, what’s the relevance if their studio is near our place? JM said, so when things go wrong, it’s easy for us to hunt them. Ha! It still wouldn’t matter that much because this is make up, unlike maybe if it’s the photo-video services where we need to be in constant communication with them during the whole preparation. We’ll see if don’t like my make up, we’ll just do it over and over again. hahaha.

Checkout their website at www.jengandcarlan.com

Post Wedding -Supplier’s rating: 5 stars

I love my make-up, and I love Carlan. She’s so ma-chika and maasikaso, staying even after everyone had their make-up. She helped me with my gown, with the photo shoot at the hotel, and even placed pins on my gown to make sure I won’t trip.

Guests raved on my make-up. I told Carlan, I wanted a subtle look — un mukhang walang make-up. I didn’t want the bronze eye shadow. She said of all the brides she did, I was the bride who requested for the least make-up possible. As for my hair, at first I was hesitant having it half-tied, I originally wanted it 1/4 tied, just the upper part, but they discouraged me reminding me that I am the bride, not a bridesmaid. Bwahaha! Glad I listened, just too bad my curls were gone by the time I got to the reception. But it’s okay, I actually straightened it out before entering the reception to somehow have a new look.

Thanks much, Carlan! I hope your father gets well soon πŸ™‚

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