Our Church

(Photo taken from flikr.com)

We didn’t have any other Church in mind but the Lourdes Church.

JM is an alumni and it’s his dream to get married here. I, on the other hand don’t have a particular Church in mind so I am open to it.

I first visited the church with JM during a Sunday children’s mass. There were no marriage plans yet during that time but he did share that if he ever gets married, he wants the ceremony to be held here. The mass was well attended, from babies to children, from teens to elders. I found out that the schedule of mass is held hourly, starting from 6am to 5pm with just an hour break. Wow. And despite the hourly mass schedule, the big church is always full.

As for me, I did a scan on the interiors of the church. I find the altar really nice with its intricate design and gold accents. The ceiling is high all throughout the church which works well for me, plus the aisle is long. There are vintage looking black chandeliers hanging in the aisle. I am good with the venue. One con is that it would have been better if it is air conditioned for the benefit of our guests. But the church is well ventilated anyways so it doesn’t matter that much. There is a lot of parking space inside the vicinity but the car entrance is quite narrow. Hmmm…

Overall, the Lourdes Church is a big, well-ventilated and well-designed church. I’m all for it 🙂


For a split number of days, we thought that Lourdes church is far from the reception venue. From the heart of Quezon City to the boundaries of Pasig. So we did look for a church within the vicinity and found a really near one, Nativity of our Lady of Parish along Major Dizon. The church is intimate — small and minimalistic, and has the vibe of purity because of it’s crisp white clean interior.

But then again, Lourdes Church won over. This church is just too small and does not really play a significant role in any of our lives. Although a church is a church I know. But the only pro here is the location, like in less than 10 minutes, you’ll be at the reception venue. Other than that, Lourdes has everything we need 🙂

Post Wedding -Supplier’s rating: 4 stars

The church was well designed, our seats and knee rest had soft cushion so kneeling and sitting was comfortable. The only thing negative is the sweat drenched hair. It was so hot in our seat. I was expecting that we’ll have our own electric fan. I thought it was hot inside the church, turned out it was only at our seat coz there’s no fan near us. With my veil and gown, I was drenched in my sweat. Grrr.

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