Our Caterer

Just when I thought Josiah’s is out of the picture, we ended up getting their catering services. After all that’s been said and done, sa kanila rin pala kami babagsak. Hehe. Not that it’s a bad thing, it’s actually a very good thing! πŸ™‚


Josiah’s is the first ever catering services we’ve had our food tasting with. It was in Megamall, at our first bridal fair as well. The food is good, but the price is not really budget friendly. That’s what is keeping us from getting them. With at least 200 guests, we couldn’t fit our budget on the package that we want. So I thought Josiah’s is out of the picture. I thought too soon. Hehe

At the Bridal Expo last weekend at the PICC, after some dilly-dally with other caterers, we finally booked Josiah’s. Their freebie for booking at the expo is an upgrade to a dessert bar by Amandes. The chocolates look so classy, plus they are all made from Belgian chocolate so I’m expecting they are as yummy as they look πŸ™‚

Booking is just the start, got so many things on my agenda (Catering services-wise), the flowers, centerpieces, linens, backdrop, etc. I hope my expectation with Josiah’s will be met, or better yet, will be exceeded. After all, it took us lots and lots of food tastings before we made our final decision.

Post Wedding -Supplier’s rating: Food and service: 3 stars Reception set-up: 4.5 stars

Our reception set-up looked good! Thanks to Josiah’s. I like our backdrop, so grecian with generous flowers on top. I thought the VIP table looked small, but the flowers looked gorgeous. The guests centerpieces were kinda kinda small too. I told them I wanted it a little higher coz glass garden has high ceiling, I wonder what happened to that request.

The cake was the least thing that I liked. The design is so plain and so yellow. I specifically said on the gold tone… if they don’t have gold, probably yellow or orange. Didn’t think they would use canary yellow! If I only knew. I should have asked them to make a green cake. But it taste good naman, so ok na rin. (By the way, this is done by a third party cake supplier, included in Josiah’s package)

The car — Hai. So old. I didn’t want to splurge on car so I settled for the car included in the package. If they can only make it even just a little more nicer, then it would be great. The inside of the car is so old, well the outside rin naman. But yeah, since it’s my last priority, I didn’t let it ruin my day.

The food is good, ain’t that great. Some liked, some not. Half of the food was kinda bland.

Oh. And took forever for the waiters to serve our food. As in kumakain na lahat, kami hindi pa. Hello. Parang nakalimutan yata kami. And whenever we request for something, ang tagal dumating. Ano ba yun! The food of the VIP had little servings too, some say mas ok pa daw kung cla un pumila. Gosh. After choosing “the best”, that’s what we’ll hear? Oh well.

What the guests raved was the buffet de chocolat. The table set-up is nice, I like the overlay on the chairs. And the kiddie chairs… mini Tiffany chairs, so cute!

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