On Getting Hitched

This page is dedicated to anything about my upcoming wedding. Rants, rave, blog list… I’ve been spending so much time in the internet researching. Preparation is fun! (But I must admit a bit stressful. As early as now, I find myself awake in the wee hours of the morning picturing how my wedding entourage would look like in my chosen color for their dresses — among others)

This page is going to be a work in progress. Pages pertaining to different topics will be updated from time to time as I move along this exciting road of wedding preparation 🙂

My Inspiration Boards

Is it just me or are brides-to-be experiencing the same? I haven’t found the right theme yet… There are so many color combinations that all look pretty and nice, I can’t decide!

I want my theme to have lots of gold for glamour with rich vibrant colors 🙂 I’m loving the idea of a peacock theme, focusing on the colors — vibrant and elegant! Below are several Inspiration boards that I came across the net. This page will be continuously updated. I am planning to create my own soon — once I finalized what I really want! 🙂

Inspiration board from Tastefully Entertaining’s Photostream at Flickr.

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Our Reception Venue: The Glass Garden

After considering several locations, we’ve decided to hold our reception on our first option, The Glass Garden. It’s still nine months ahead, but we want to block the date and start a worry-free planning. So as early as now, we had the venue reserved on our preferred date 🙂

The Glass Garden is a new venue place at Pasig, barely a year in operation. First off, its new so expect the facilities to be working properly, sparkling clean and well, new. The outside design is inspired by English architecture with green and frosted glass, illuminating light from the inside. There are 2 venues that can hold up to 350 capacities each. I choose the Emerald Garden — so fitting for my ideal theme 🙂

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Our Church: National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes

(photo taken from flickr.com)

We didn’t have any other Church in mind but the Lourdes Church.

I first visited the church with JM during a Sunday children’s mass. There were no marriage plans yet during that time but he did share that if he ever gets married, he wants the ceremony to be held here. The mass was well attended, from babies to children, from teens to elders. I found out that the schedule of mass is held hourly, starting from 6am to 5pm with just an hour break. Wow. And despite the hourly mass schedule, the big church is always full.

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Papal Blessing

Our Wedding Coordinator: BitsnDetails

I’ve searched the internet for wedding planners, talked to several coordinators via bridal fairs and food tasting events, and now finally, we’ve decided who will be our partner in this very special occasion – BitsnDetails Wedding Planner.


Ms. Peachy, the head of the group, is our main contact. I find her warm, nice and friendly. She has enough credentials to make me feel safe that my wedding will be well-handled and well-prepared with her help.

BitsnDetails is a DTI registered company but this is not a full time business of theirs. As cliche as it may sound, it is their passion — thus, after their professional work, they do what they enjoy, event planning (in this case, as wedding coordinators).

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Our Photo and Video Coverage: SmartShot Studio

Our Photo & Video will be handled by SmartShot Studio.

(Image from Smart Shot website)

Attending several bridal fairs, we’ve been bombarded with several photo video services. Rates are high I must say, especially the likes of Dino Lara or Jason Magbanua, which can go as high as Php 100,000 for photo OR video services alone. There are those that cost around Php 40,000 up but their photos are so-so. I mean, with the digital world in the hands of just about everyone, anyone can take photos. So I am looking for shots with good quality.

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Our Catering Services: Josiah’s Catering

Just when I thought Josiah’s is out of the picture, we ended up getting their catering services. After all that’s been said and done, sa kanila rin pala kami babagsak. Hehe. Not that it’s a bad thing, it’s actually a very good thing! 🙂


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Our Invitations: Paper Flair by Adworks

Our invitations will be done by Adworks. It’s a pop-up rectangular invite with our caricature 🙂 It’s a super cute invitation. I hope the designers can make it elegant looking!

I should have started with our invitations a long time ago. The reason why I had it prepared just now? It’s because of my fickly fickle mind! I dont exactly know what I want. With the numerous invitation suppliers and designs I couldn’t make up my mind. Sometimes, I want something elegant, something with crystals or glam wraps, the next day I’d go for a pop-up invite, then the next I’m gearing towards something scrapbooky. Hai. grabe. There was a time I settled na for a simple invite, which will be conceptualized by me and designed by my officemate. He actually started with it na. But since THE day is fast approaching and just to get this over and done with we’ve finally decided to book one at the PICC bridal fair. In effect, I booked for something I didn’t really want. So what happened? When I went to their office, I had it changed into another package. Haha! Grabe na tlga. JM can only say one thing “Babae ka tlga, paiba iba isip mo”. Yes honey, just be patient and put up with me :-p At least now, it’s final. We’re waiting for the draft for our approval. I’m so excited!

Our Make Up Artist: Carlan Teng

I had a trial make-up with Carlan, my first (and last) at the PICC wedding expo. My make up looked nice, but when I had the chance to take pictures I didn’t like it in print. I guess I just have to tell her the look that I want. I’m sure she knows what she’s doing 🙂

Our deciding factor in getting the services of Jeng-Sy and Carlan Teng? Their office/studio is located near our place. Come to think of it, would it matter? Preparations will be done in the hotel, what’s the relevance if their studio is near our place? JM said, so when things go wrong, it’s easy for us to hunt them. Ha! It still wouldn’t matter that much because this is make up, unlike maybe if it’s the photo-video services where we need to be in constant communication with them during the whole preparation. We’ll see if I don’t like my make up, we’ll just do it over and over again. hahaha.

Checkout their website at www.jengandcarlan.com

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Our Souvenir: Unlimited Photo Prints by baiCapture

With the multitude of souvenirs out in the market, I’ve shortlisted cupcakes as my guest favor. Little did I know that I will end up with a photo booth. I want both actually, but for practicality purposes, I have to choose one. The photo booth won.


There are several photo booths sprouting like mushrooms. We chose baiCapture among them because of its simplicity and tasteful design. Their machine design is minimalist, it looks like a big Apple CPU, with the clear gloss and all. The other photo booths looks fun, but I would chose something more elegant for a wedding. We availed the 2 +1 hour package with unlimited prints. I hope my guests enjoy taking pictures at the photo booth and bringing home as much pics as they want 🙂

Our Wedding Accessories: Themes & Motif

Our DIY Paraphernalias:

  • Misalettes
  • Table numbers
  • Place cards for VIP/Presidential Table
  • Song and Song titles per table
  • Supplier’s ID
  • Menu list
  • Couple’s Trivia per table


**From my widget**

The Big Day
The Dream Team aka Wedding Suppliers

An Overview:

The Glass Garden
Nativity of Our Lady of Lourdes
Josiah’s Catering
SmartShot Studios
BitsNDetails Wedding Planner
Couturier: Designer Czarina Villa
Hair & Make Up: Carlan Teng
Invitations by Adworks

Our Journey to Ever-After
A 12-month wedding preparation

July 2008
Deliberation on type of wedding: civil or church
Choosing the wedding date
First bridal fair: wedding congress at Megamall

August 2008
Food tasting with Juan Carlo the Caterer @ Lancaster Suites
Food tasting with VS&F at The Grand Terrace

September 2008
Final wedding date: June 2009
VS&F food tasting @ The Grand Terrace with Thrina
Booked The Glass Garden
Food tasting with Auffrance with Momsie, Thrina & Daniel
Booked Lourdes Church at QC
Paid reservation fee: Glass Garden
October 2008
Bridal fair at Rockwell tent
Food tasting with Lina Vitan @ The Oasis

November 2008

December 2008

January 2009
First food tasting with Hizon’s @ The Oasis
Food tasting with Auffrance @ White Plains
Meeting with wedding coordinator @ her office
Bridal fair at Megamall
50% d/p for coordinator
Dangwa visit for flowers
Change of mind on color motif

February 2009
Back to original color motif
Food tasting with Hizon’s @ The Mango Farm with Flabsy and Tita Rosie

March 2009
PICC Wedding Expo
Booked invitation supplier, chose type of invite, 50% d/p
Food tasting with Josiah’s @ the PICC Expo
Food tasting with Hizon’s @ Palacio de Maynila with mother
Booked caterer (finally!), paid reservation fee
Trial make-up at the wedding expo
HMU booked, paid booking fee
Photo booth booked, paid 50% d/p
Pearl cord ordered, fully paid, to be picked up at Themes & Motifs office
2 pillow set bought
Gold unity coins bought

Scout for couturier
My wedding gown fashion designer booked, via phone and email
NSO birth certificates & CENOMAR
Bride’s Baptismal Certificate
Marriage Bans

April 2009
Unity cords picked up at 6750
Attended 3 out of 4 Church seminars
Full payment for Glass Garden
Second payments for Smartshot and Josiah’s
Contract signing with Josiah’s
Booked Boy Mahusay as florist, d/p made

May 2009
Invitations sent out
Ring’s Personalized
Entourage Gowns distributed
Marriage Seminar completed
Priest Interview
Groom’s Confirmation
Filing of Marriage License at City Hall
MOB and MOG Gown Fitting
Finalization of songs with SJT strings
Finalized reception details with caterer
Print and laminate personalized table numbers, menu cards, food names
Finish AVP
Finalized copy of missalettes
Turnover with coordinator
Pre-nuptial Session
Fully paid with Josiah’s

June 2009
Additional tables requested
All DIY done (table numbers, menu, buffet plates, guest tags)
Guest list
Bought sparklers and asked a friend to buy the secondary veil
Wrapped all gifts for kids and entourage
Manequin picked up
Hotel check-in
Spa, Dinner and Nails done

Ready for the big day!

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