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This page is dedicated to my baby: tinkerbell-slash-tinkerboy. 😉 We’re fond of calling our baby tinkerbell because when we found out, the ultrasound picture showed such a little baby (actually it was still unrecognizable then) so with its small size, we called our baby tinkerbell. Now that I am currently five months on the way, I feel like it is a boy, thus the “slash-tinkerboy”. In a month I’ll find out the gender, so excited! 🙂

I just think that its a good idea to dedicate a page for me and my baby’s progress. Everyday entries regarding my baby are all categorized under The Greatest Journey at the Home section. This page will be updated with random bits of thoughts from time to time until baby is born.

I stumbled upon a very informative site with regards to having a baby. The site owner has it all lined up for new moms-to-be. Visit site here

Just an update, our baby is a girl! She’s indeed a tinkerbell 🙂 Since we already have Sachi as her first name, I am on the quest for searching her second name. I can feel her kicks distinctly everyday. The joy of pregnancy 🙂

Visit The Greatest Journey category and my Preggy Wardrobe for anything and everything about baby Sachi 🙂

This is our first glimpse of baby Sachi. I was on my 5th month when we had this 3d ultrasound. It was such an amazing experience as we see baby moving in 4D real time inside my tummy. Sachi is still full of oil and her features are not that clear yet, but everything is visible, so we were really excited and happy after the ultrasound.

During the ultrasound, Sachi is super likot, she keeps on moving that the Doctor couldn’t get a good angle of her. Add the fact that she’s only 5 mos & her hands are covering her face, this image is good enough. Her nose is pointed (as clearly seen in the other ultrasound pic), and her eyes are still closed. The Doctor said she resembles more of me. We’ll see 🙂

JANUARY 26, 2009, Monday. Chinese New Year
Sachi is born via NSD at The Medical City, 5:02pm.

Sleeping Sachi_3 days old

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