Pastel Day

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Today is a pastel day for me. Pastel blue. So dainty don’t you think?

 I love the details on my top

The crochet/embroidered detail is so chic

Sweet and dainty

Top: Kamiseta
Shorts: Bazaar
Sandals: People are People

Fashion Challenge: No Neutrals


My first attempt in documenting my wardrobe was during pregnancy. I find it a challenge to dress up with a baby bump, thus preggy wardrobe was born.

Now, I find it more of a challenge because I am not comfortable with my body. I so hate the un-proportion-ness! But I guess that adds to the challenge. And without a conscious effort on my part, this problem is going to take long.

You see, I am tall (by Philippine standards), I am not well-endowed , more of not endowed altogether in that area , I never lost my post pregnancy belly, if not alcohol-slash-genetic belly, and I’ve got the post pregnancy hips.

So yes, looking at my wardrobe with no fashion challenge is already a challenge in itself. If I do this, its gona be a personal achievement for me.

Day 1: No Neutral

I know, I know, white is neutral. But hey! Did you know, that that mini has never been worn? or maybe once but I don’t remember. Its been sitting in my closet for years, counting 6 years maybe… and its all because of the color. So lets take it slow… wearing it on an actual day out is a biggie for my style.

Paired my mustard mini with a sharp colored teal shrug

Capped it off with bronze slip on heels, stone-flowered necklace
and a bejeweled ring

Skirt: Terranova
Shrug: DKNY (Thanks sissy!)
Tee: Maldita
Ring: Bazaar
Necklace: bought from mom’s friend back in 2004

My Fashion Challenge

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Every now and then, when I surf fashion blogs, I see a lot of fashion challenges. As part of my (un)official entrance to the fashion scene (F is for FnaF! haha), and to at least check one of my 2011 resolution, I am going into a fashion challenge of my own. Here are 2 fashion challenges that I plan to start with:

1. COLOR BLOCKING: Go a week without going neutrals idea here

2. The 15:30 challenge

Enter the Felicia Sullivan 15:30 challenge. Felicia (author, fashionista, and all-around lovely person) recently blogged about this very topic: how we have closets FULL of clothesthat we don’t fully appreciate or utilize. So she devised a challenge: pick 15 pieces from your wardrobe and wear them for a month. Mix and match, accessorize — be creative and make the MOST of those pieces. Idea from here

Have you tried any fashion challenge? How did it go? I’ll keep you posted. I even made a new category on this blog — “wardrobe/fashion”. Lets do this!

Upon looking at my wardrobe, I’m gona have a hard time with no neutrals. Majority of my clothes are black, white and earth tones. Maybe I’d have to pass this for now. Until I collect some more 🙂

In Heels

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Why am I in heels? Countless of times, I’ve said it. My feet scream flats flats flats! well, my whole legs in that case. But you know what? Heels are edgy. Heels give character, it exudes sophistication.

So whatever reason I may have (hard time walking, or my heels screaming), I don’t care, I’m off to wear this high heels to my meeting today.

Besides, wearing heels make me feel tall, and it makes me feel superior. Yeah yeah. Thats all in the mind. Ha! Heels can get into your head too you know 🙂

A meeting in heels… what could it be?

Twitter stat this morning: Today is the start of something new! ☀ to get what u don’t have, start doing what u never did ♢

I’m going to do something I’ve never done professionally. I need some cheering, woot woot woot!!! 🙂 You’ll know more about it. But for now, the heels will do.