I am looking in my drafts and look what I found, an unfinished entry of my US trip 2 years ago. I am not sure what else I have to post, but for the sake of not wasting the draft, I will post whatever I started —

 Flying solo, summer of 2012 to grace the Christening of Max, made possible by her parents!

Clouds – Cathay Pacific Meal – View of LA

Shopping on the side

US Trip March 2012-2

and more…


US Trip March 2012-4

Max in her glorious headpiece

US Trip March 2012-8

Max’s Christening

US Trip March 2012-7

Reception at Coco Palm

US Trip March 2012-6.1

Max’s Christening

   And well, hindi mawawala na isingit talaga naman ang mag side trip. New York, baby!

US Trip March 2012-9

Unbelievable, we are off to New York!