Costa Pacifica, Baler

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This Holy Week 2014, we visited the recently much talked about new beach destination – Baler. It is just a few hours from our hometown, and with the plans of moving permanently – perhaps starting summer – it seemed like a good idea to plan a Baler trip with friends.


Summer means Palay everywhere. Taken before leaving for Baler

From the town proper of Rizal, it was approximately a 2-hour drive. I couldn’t say it was the best ride, because it was majority all  mountain and zig-zag road (much like Baguio but the zigzag road is longer). If you easily get dizzy and nauseated with this kind of road, taking a form of “byahilo” tablet may be a good idea.


Are we there yet?


Lush greenery and mountains on the way

This is what greeted us —


The pool, the sky, the trees – oh, summer!

  The daddies were tired from the long ride, especially those that came from Manila pa.



The kids had a lovely time swimming. The pool water is warm (although it is green, not blue — I wonder why). The mommies took a dip too — with noodles and kick board in tow. LOL


We can “swim”!


Kids’ Pizza Making

We stayed at Costa Pacifica. Thankfully, we booked months ahead because the place was packed. Actually, that is one downside of this vacation, the whole of Baler was packed. As in ang daming tao. Langgam sa beach. And food takes about an hour to two (yes, 2hrs!) to be served in nearby restaurants. I guess the whole of Baler wasn’t prepared for the number of tourists coming that week.


Yellow Fin, ihaw ihaw



Baler 2014


Family of 4  — Baby Bump at 4 months 🙂


“The sun is hurting my eye mommy” -Sachi


The drivers


The bakasyonistas


The yayas


 With our friends and our kids’ in tow, it was indeed a family vacation.

I’d love to come back when I’m not preggy so we could explore the place thoroughly. AND, when it’s low season. Nalunod ako sa dami ng tao LOL. Our 3 days were spent just on the hotel, the pool and a quick drive in the town proper.


’til next time, Baler!

The best decade of my life

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September 15, 2013

I cannot say this year’s birthday is something that I look forward to. Who looks forward to their 30th? It just sound so… different… and mature… and old… ugghh. Imagine being 20 something for the past ten years… that past decade was so memorable, the highlight of my (so far 3-decade) life. It was in this decade I enjoyed the single life and started my family life. This is the decade I stepped into the real world…

But it’s inevitable, so I have to embrace it, stepping into a new decade. I AM THIRTY (still gives me the shiver saying that).


Embracing my 30s with a selfie :p

I did not want a party but hubby insisted he would throw me one because it’s a milestone age. Who am I to say no? It was the perfect day to reminisce and celebrate the joys and blessings of the past decade, and celebrate what is to come.

I am very blessed beyond words, not for abundance of money nor material things, but blessed with lots of love from family and friends. Stepping into this age, I have a lot of things I want to do, achieve, still far from our family goal — but I am blessed in such a way that the Lord gives us and opens to us a lot of opportunities. The Lord never fails to provide.

The last day of my twenty-ninth was my birthday celebration, partying the 20s style. Complete with vomiting,  fall down the floor, knock down and throbbing head the next day.


 Ume-effect lang ako with the DIY balloon invitation


Party Menu
We ended up not following this because we consumed way less than the minimum. Not a lot of friends were able to attend. Nevertheless we got wasted. Ehem, especially me





At 12 midnight, time to blow the candle


and drink this shooter…

Which was a bad idea because after some more photos, it was the end for me. LOL



Here are some photos from friends IG account


DirtyThirty8 DirtyThirty_Kim DirtyThirty_Kim1

In the morning, this is what I felt

Twenty No More

With my throbbing headache, dragged myself to dinner at MoMo Eastwood. Para hindi naman masayang ang araw ng birthday. Haha. And I repeat, oh wow, I am not twenty no more

Sept 15 2014

Cheers to this milestone age!

I know the best(-est) is yet to come! 🙂

Hong Kong 2013

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As an extension of Sachi’s 4th birthday celebration, and the visit of Tita Amy in the Philippines, we had a family trip to Hong Kong (sans Daddy).

Since I am too late in posting, I’ll just share some photos on my drafts, for my file 🙂

HK2013-5 HK2013-6







Pandora Love


Why do I like Pandora?

Pandora is sterling silver. Just like Tiffany’s or Thomas Saabo. As a brief history on my preference, I have a mother who can pass as a jeweler… there was a time she got really addicted to jewelries, she was the mother of all blings. She loves jewelry and I get to have hand me downs-my very own- at no cost (yes, lucky me!).

Modesty aside, I never had any inclination towards Tiffany’s. It’s a popular brand but never did I go to their website or get ecstatic when I see those powder blue boxes. But, I was honestly eyeing Thomas Saabo last year. I love charms! I love the idea of having my bracelets look chic and personalized. And even if it is simply silver, I am indifferent. Besides, I don’t think I can afford an array of white gold charms on my own if that is the material that comes with it.

To cut the story short, I never got to own Thomas Saabo (nor Tiffany’s), but hubby did! I got him a T.S. bracelet last Christmas. For whatever reason I had that time, I couldn’t remember, but now I know why… because the universe has another brand in store for me. It got my attention… and apparently my “addiction”!

I love the thought that I can buy a charm for special occasions, events, milestone… I am a very sentimental person, so this reason right here tops why I like Pandora. Instead of buying another material thing that would end up on the shelf or the messy pile after a few months… why not get a charm and end up creating a unique jewelry, made with lots of sentiments?


My first Pandora bracelet ♥

So yeah, I got myself a new project!

Arm Candy

Wearing it along with my favorite bracelets

(I have observed that I am a sucker for personalized things, kaya siguro ganito nlng ang appeal nito sakin)

On their website, you can design your own bracelet. I started my creation with the charms I have… and worked my way to this!!!

My Pandora Project

Okay, so I don’t know how I will achieve this gold set (ang mahal ng gold nila!!)


Christmas is in the air

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It’s the middle of January and I’m writing about Christmas. Well, first of, it’s very obvious how I am MIA in writing. Second, the weather is perfect, much like the usual -ber coldness. Even at 9 in the morning, the wind is cold, in the city pa ha! I therefore conclude, the best time to chill al fresco is January-February na talga.

Going back, Christmas 2012 was very intimate. It was just us three, hubby and daughter. And that’s what’s important, we are together 🙂 The month of December is as usual, a festive month with parties here and there, and decors all around. I just love this month! Here are some snapshots of our 12-2012

Twenty Twelve

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On my Facebook page, I made a wrap of our 2012, summed up in photos. Since uploading a number of photos on a blog takes so much time, will do it in text and link 😀

We had a lot to celebrate. We celebrated Birthdays

Sachi’s 3rd Swimming Party at Cobo Pavilion
Nanay’s Birthday
Papa’s Birthday in the province
Mama’s Birthday celebration in Manila
JM’s Birthday at Vikings
Daniel’s Bday at Vikings
My surprise birthday dinner


Posh Nails’ 10th Anniversary at Makati
Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary


Bern & Third, Manila
Pau & Mike, Manila
Cher & Rob, Boracay

and of course, the highlight of events… Max’s Baptism, California


New York
Los Angeles

Went to the zoo, to Museo Pambata, to Boracay to Tagaytay, to Boracay again

New beginnings —

We had the opportunity to start anew with Posh
New Opportunities
Back to Office

Tried out new things

Shooting range – held a gun and shoot it… for real!
Baby ballet
Shake Shack

We also had first day high
Sachi’s “big school preschool”
Stage performance at Marian Auditorium, Miriam
A lot of family events prepared by the school
Mother & DaughterFather & Child, Family Day, Home Visit

Of course, the annual Halloween costume won’t get left behind
Sachi came as Wilma Flintstone along with our friends’ kids Fred Flintstone and Bambam
Medieval Princess

Get togethers with family, BFC, barkada, friends

It was a year full of memories. There were a lot of challenges, but more blessings and opportunities.

We have high hopes and dreams for 2013. We pray Dear Lord, that you guide us, keep us strong, give us strength, wisdom and enough resources to finally make things happen 🙂 Let’s do this, twenty thirteen!


How can I forget about Milk Tea? If there is an addiction this 2012, milk tea it is for me. I swear I could have drank gallons of milk tea last year (Now I wonder why I have fatty liver? Eeeks) 01-16-2013


The New Posh Nails

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Posh Nails Hand and Foot Spa

Feel at home, here at Posh Nails Marikina

Posh Nails Hand and Foot Spa

In this home, you are the Prince and the Princess

Posh Nails Hand and Foot Spa

Happily Ever After

Posh Nails Hand and Foot Spa

We make your nails prettier than they already are 😉




Posh Nails SM Marikina branch has transferred to Gil Fernando ave (formerly Tuazon)

We are now located along Gil Fernando ave. cor Estrador St. Midtown Subd. San Roque Marikina City

How to get there?

From Antipolo:

1) Take Marcos Highway, turn right at the major street Gil Fernando ave (after McDonald’s and PSBank)
2) A block away, on the left side, above Eastwest bank is POSH NAILS MARIKINA

From Cubao/SM Marikina/Katipunan/Libis

1) Take Marcos Highway going to Antipolo
2) Pass by Robinsons Metro East and Sta. Lucia
3) After Sta. Lucia, take the first U-turn
4) Turn right after McDonald’s and PSBank
5) A block away, on the left side, above Eastwest bank is POSH NAILS MARIKINA

Posh Nails Hand & Foot Spa
2/F Maryland One Bldg.
Gil Fernando Ave. cor Estrador St.
Midtown Subd. San Roque
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Contact us at: 02-3995550!/myposhnails

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