It’s been 21 days since I gave birth.

And I’m here, feeling guilty of not having to blog about this #baby2adventure that I have coined. I blame it over Instagram (haha! may masisi lang =p) since I’ve been “micro-blogging” over on that side of Social Media. But oh well, there is no reason to cry over spilled milk, or well, over lost time. So here I am, 3 weeks post-delivery, trying to remember THE day, with the daughter sleeping soundly beside me – in my arms – on my chest (she’s fussy the past days kaya iba-iba na position namin, in a span of – writing this post).

It was August 6, 2014, 11:04am via C-section that our new bundle of joy arrived

August what???

Yes I gave birth first week of August when my due date is sometime September 12! That makes our precious angel a premie – something I’ve been worrying about (but has learned to let go — and Let God). I gave birth at 34 weeks, 6 days (based on LMP). So why the sudden birth?

The Pre-Birth

August 5 (Tuesday) – In the afternoon, I was particularly irritable. There was something different but I couldn’t pin point. Naiinis lang ako and naglalambing for some reason. I kept calling the husband on his phone, wanting him to go to me — he was just in the backyard. But I never actually finish the call. Nagpapa-ring lang ako. I did that for more than 20 times. Then when he finally came to the house for dinner, I was angry already.

Dinner came and, as I was eating, I felt a sudden gush. I didn’t mind because I had a liner anyway. After eating, I went up to the room and felt another gush, this time more prominent maybe because I was standing up. I checked and my liner was soaked. It wasn’t pure “water”, there was a little bit of “white mens”

So I stayed in bed and got a bit worried. There were around 2 more episodes of sudden gush, and when I stood up to go to the wash room, there was liquid flowing down my legs. That was one of the scariest feeling… did I break my water bag already? Why? It’s only the start of August.

My OB wanted me to immediately go to Medical City. Mother however was hesitant because it was past 9pm, and it’s a good long 3 to 4-hour drive. To cut the argument short, I agreed to be checked at Premiere General Hospital in Cabanatuan. Mother contacted her OB friend.


Emergency Room


Labor Room


We arrived at the emergency room around past 10pm.

Questions, history, IE… and I was transferred to the Labor Room. I stayed there overnight, with dextrose, heartbeat monitor, bp monitor, and oxygen (though I kept removing the oxygen because I’m having a hard time). There were several injections and skin test too for medicine.

Over the course of my labor room stay, there was continuous dripping down there. Interval of maybe every 30-mins to an hour. My nappy was soaked.  I was told that peeing and pooping should be done on the bed. When I felt the urge to poop, I told the nurse I don’t want to poop there. To my surprise, she allowed me to go to the washroom 🙂 But then again, as I stood up… the water dripped down my leg!! ang iniisip ko nun, this is really something. Pwede bang mag ultrasound nko.


Tests, Pain

August 6 (Wednesday) – In the morning, that was the first on the list, an ultrasound. At 8am, I was sent to the Radiology section (I think), for the ultrasound. The sonologist said that there is no sign the baby wants to come out already. Actually, I asked him… and that’s what he said. However, there was a 6/8 score for the baby’s movement, which my new OB found a bit alarming. Dapat daw yun, 8. I remember the sonologist tapping and moving my tummy, rigorously, and asking me if I felt the baby’s movement. I only felt 1 out of 3 or was that 1 out of 4… He found it quite questionable why I couldn’t feel it when he could see in the monitor that the baby is moving. Ako naman, ang bilis naman kasi, gagalawin nya un tummy ko, eh di sympre my flabs would jiggle (LOL), the he’ll ask if I felt the baby… eh parang wala naman. Mabilis naman ang mga pangyayari. Haha!

Regarding my amniotic fluid, the sonologist said “madami pa”, and that there was no rupture. I, then thought that we were gona go home. To my surprise, when my OB arrived and saw the result, she said she couldn’t let me go home. I have 2 options — we deliver now, or if I opt to go to Manila, I have to go directly to Medical City. Reasons: the 6/8 result, the 12-hr continuous leak, and the irregular heartbeat of baby. Pag gumigilid kasi ako, nawawala un heartbeat or nag-iiba. Feeling ko, because I change position lang eh. But who am I naman… they know better.

The notable pain during my labor room stay is my back. It was really almost unbearable pain that I have to switch to my side. Problem however, nawawala un heartbeat if I do so. Or nagiging abnormal value. Kaya I have to lie on my back for the baby.

The Decision

So at 10am, there we were, deciding on the faith of my pregnancy – to deliver now, or head to Medical City via an ambulance. Thinking about the ambulance, the travel, and the protocol at the TMC — back to zero na naman ako for sure — pre-labor room, IV, questions, IE, tests etc… Napagod ako thinking about it. Bottomline, we decided to go for it, right there, right now. Actually, I was in disbelief asking, as in right now? Like if I say yes now, I’ll be cut open na? I am so not ready. But a decision has to be made.

Delivery Room

So at 10:30am, I was wheeled in to the delivery room. I remember talking to the anesthesiologist, and then the next thing I know, they were waking me up to see the baby. Our little angel was born at exactly 11:04 am, at 2300grams (or about 5.1 lbs), 45cms

Two things I regret though, I didn’t get to take a picture right then and there, and she wasn’t latched to me… pinakita lang si baby, as in face to face. And I remember saying “hello baby” and I kissed her. Then she was taken away and I was groggy. I’m not sure if it was because she is a preemie that perhaps they need to check her immediately. I can hear the team, a lot of them talking about blood — how I was so bloody. As in the terms I heard were “bumubulwak”, and that “ang daming dugo”, and I heard someone say, “oo sinabi nya un, bleeder sya” (which I did, I am a bleeder and I have history of hematoma),  “pero talagang ang dami noh”. And then I looked at the watch, it was 12 noon.


I was reeled into the recovery room. I felt nothing… it was such a breeze that I was loving this Cesarean section delivery. I had to wait 2 hours in the recovery room. At past 2pm, they were prepping me up to transfer to our room. At 3 pm I was in the room with the hubby.

No labor pains, no pushing, and no stress! It was literally a breeze. The only downside is that I delivered my baby girl 2 weeks premature (of 37 weeks). She was born, based on my LMP, at 34 weeks and 6 days to be exact. Gestational age however on the last ultrasound is at 35 weeks and 6 days, and weight is about 6lbs. Kaya un din ang nagpalakas ng loob ko to say, okay let’s do this, kasi 6lbs naman na din (or so we thought), a weight for most full-term babies.

I’d have to note too, that in this delivery, other than my back pain, the fact that I was so thirsty bothered me. As in uhaw uhaw ako. Nun gabi pa lang, when I was admitted, nauuhaw nko. But OB ordered na bawal. Until in the morning, bawal pa din. I think for CS, di yata pwede uminom several hours. And since anytime, I can be cut open, I wasn’t allowed to drink. Post-delivery, even at 3pm when I was in the room, hindi pa din pwede. I was allowed 7pm to use pillow on my head, then finally at 11pm, allowed to drink. It was the most delicious drink of water. Ever!

Here is an open letter to you, my baby girl.

Dearest Sabina,

My heart is overflowing with joy as I held you for the very first time. You are so fragile, yet you are healthy and strong. Me and daddy are thankful that, despite giving birth ahead of my due, you are reportedly doing very well.


The first time I held you in my arms 08.07.2014

I was heartbroken with the advice that we have to leave you for a few days in the hospital. They have to monitor your breathing and feeding… to make sure all is well. Even though I don’t want to, it is what’s best for you.


The first time I saw you open your eyes… the day we left the hospital and left you in the care of the nurses and doctors

After 5 days, I had to wait for the advice if your blood result is okay. With God’s blessing, your result is negative and we got to take you home on schedule.


Best news ever! We got to bring you home right on sched 08.11.2014

Everyone is so smitten by you, especially your Ate. She wants to be beside you, caress you, hug you, kiss you, give you milk, and even carry you. To her disappointment, we have to say no for the meantime — except for giving milk. Your Ate is such a darling with all the help she wants to give you. She doesn’t even want to go to school the first morning we brought you home.


Sachi and Sabina

I thank God everyday for another wonderful blessing, that is you. And I pray everyday that you grow healthy, remain strong and be normal all the way. Come to think of it, you and your Ate cannot be “normal” in our eyes, you will always be special and extraordinary, in more ways than one.


Your first day out – doctor’s appointment 08.22.2014

Sabina Blanca, know that your daddy and I, along with your sister, love you to pieces. We are beyond blessed.

We cannot thank the One above enough, of this new blessing and source of utmost joy.