Celebrating our 4th!

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Being busy with our work, me going back to the workforce and hubs handling Posh and starting 2 new businesses, we really didn’t have definite plans for our fourth Wedding Anniversary. All we wanted was to be together (naks!) but really, we just wanted to finish our errands, then stroll in the mall and have lunch.

4th Anniversary

Little did I know that my “addiction” will start this day.

Seeing Pandora at Lucerne, I introduced the brand to the hubby. He wasn’t very fond because of the price and material (which is silver). That was exactly my initial assessment too… So when we we were advised to check out the new stand-alone shop at the new wing of the mall, I was making parinig. Until the hubby agreed to get me a chain, to start on it or maybe to end my parinig :p.

When I got to the store, I found hubby talking to the sales associate already, with an assortment of charm options and chain on the table. Who am I to remind him “akala ko chain lang muna?” He ended up buying me 3 charms with the chain ❤ and I’m in love!! 4 Pandora items on our 4th anniversary, the perfect gift for an unforgettable moment (occasion) 😉


Oh for the hubs, I got him a new pair of kicks. So yes, we ended up shopping for gifts. Sabi na nga ba, mas ok talaga pag walang plano :p We are happy mall campers this day 🙂

Double Three on July 3

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Updated post… Yipee!! 🙂

Today marks hubby’s double three! I planned simple surprises for him

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach
The sumptuous buffet of Vikings is well raved because of the variety of foods, the flavorful dishes, unlimited drinks, and hey! they serve beer! The last time we were here, hubby wasn’t able to join us because of work. So, here we are (and here I am just a week apart from my last visit),  having yet again a gastronomic treat.

Now comes the manly stuff…
The second part of the unknown activity is just “across” the street

A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone—

The hubby looks like a pro! I went ahead and did the tutorial… sa tagal ko, natuto na daw sya. LOL

I was sooo nervous! Not because I might not hit the target, but because something might go wrong and… well… I’m holding an armed gun. My first ever question was “Hindi ba babalik un bala sa atin?” What if it doesn’t go through and goes back right to you? Gosh! May nerbyos yata ako. LOL

But nope, nothing like that happened. It was just my imagination :p

Nakakakaba, because I am actually firing a deadly weapon. Scared that I might drop it or the gun might malfunction… But I mustered the courage and finished the 50 ammos. Okay fine. I gave 2 rounds to the husband, then the rest was all mine.

We are both happy with the experience. He was so into it, while I was secretly waiting to quickly finish my ammos. hahaha 🙂 That does not mean I didn’t like it, I liked it! It was my idea after all. LOL. I recommend that we girls experience this, at least once in our life. A very masculine activity. So out of my comfort zone. If I wasn’t imaginative and nervous, I would have bought another set of ammos and savored the experience.

Bottom line: it is a good bonding activity with hubby. So kahit ninenerbyos ka, go! Conquer your fear!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my one and only!!!
I wish you more patience, wisdom and peace of mind.
I wish you both wealth and good health.
The fulfillment of your dreams.

Soon, I hope you feel the fruits of your labor, and may you be healthy and free from any form of illness.

Thank you for always trying to be the best person you can be. You are the best dad and best husband. We love you so so much!


Manila Target Shooting Range Inc.
Gun Club Membership Php 2,500; Renewal Php 2,000

HK Sun Plaza, Macapagal Ave. Pasay City

 Check out their rainy days promo:

Father’s Day 2012

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Father’s day was celebrated at Tong Yang, one of the original grill buffet. Hubby’s been craving for Tong Yang ever since. He has good memories. But recently when we crave for buffet, we often end up at newer buffet restaurants like Yakimix or Sambokojin.


So on his day, I planned for a lunch trip all the way to QC. The place was packed. We waited for at least 30mins. Good thing we weren’t starving. I enjoyed my usual beef-wrap-on-leaves. Their thinly sliced US beef is good! They don’t have lettuce though so I settled for Pechay Baguio. There was a lot of seafood, and a hotpot is part of the cooking. What we didn’t like is you smell like what you eat after. Yep, not smokeless. Varieties aren’t as wide as new buffets.

But we’re glad we opted for this. Hubby’s craving was satisfied.


Sachi’s artwork from school =)


Happy Father’s day to my dear father, hubby and all fathers out there.

This is such a late post. Teehee :p Pero happy father’s day pa din! 🙂

Me and You. Just us TWO

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We turn TWO today, June 12, 2011

Has it only been 2 years? It feels forever. We feel like we’ve been together for a very long time. With 3 businesses that we set up from scratch (except for Posh concept), we sure had lots of challenging moments, especially when stress levels are up. Oh believe me, there are a lot of instances when our stress levels are above tolerable. We argue, we fight, but we still end up in each other’s arms.

Thanks hun for 2 wonderful years. We’ve accomplished a lot the past years, but we still got so much plans. We haven’t scratched the surface yet.

With Your guidance, we will build our own.

Thank you Lord for these blessed years. Bless us us with countless of happy years together.

Love Love Love! **HUGTIGHT*

Happy MAMA’s Day!

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Mommy – Nanay – Mama

Up to now, I don’t see myself as a Mom. I mean, yes I have a daughter. I love her like any mom would love her child, even more. I do mother stuff. But still, I look in the mirror and I don’t see a mother, well except maybe for the bulges (aaargh). Maybe when I’m a bit older? (feeling bata pa) You get what I mean, like how my mom is, or how my mother in law is. They are just so… motherly. Am I motherly? Oh. I don’t know know.

All i know is that I love my daughter to pieces. In which I know the same goes for my mother. So, a fabulous mothers day to my mama and nanay! Love you so so much!

Thank you for all the support. I’m gona make you proud. We’re gona do it 🙂

Thank you dear hubby for my flowers.
Flowers make me happy. Even if its a “waste” of money 🙂

A Conversation

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What’s our life plan?

Grow old watching the horizon together

Taken at Sampitan Beach, Mauban Quezon

April 23, 2011

Me & You, Just us Two

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“Me & You . Just us Two” – Sex & the City 2

June 12, 2010 – Our first year wedding anniversary. I didn’t have time to blog about it because we were just so busy. We had Posh Nails Grand opening (which I’m still about to blog), and we were getting ready for our vacation —

Our US trip was sorta kinda a honeymoon slash anniversary trip. We didn’t have time for the honeymoon right after the wedding, well, because so to speak, the honeymoon came first. Teehee. So our month long US trip is made even more meaningful 🙂

First year anniversary down, forever to go.

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