Senior Nursery – Class 2014

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This SY(2013-2014), we are in Senior Nursery. Who would have thought nurseries have junior and senior levels? Then kindergarten. Then oh I hope there is no more “prep”, or we may get drained without reaching grade 1. LOLs 

First day of school 2013This year, we are very lucky to have the school president to be our teacher… AGAIN! : )
Taken first day of school June 13, 2013

Last year, I have religiously blogged school activities; I am guilty of not doing the same this year. So in the hope of doing the same, I am back tracking with a summary of the first half of SY2013.

We had the Mommy and Child which miraculously I was able to blog about :p

And of course, the paternal counterpart, the Daddy and Child day. It was originally a minute to win it themed activity but because of the typhoon and its aftermath, the school decided to change the activity into a repacking activity. Now isn’t that wonderful?


There was also linggo ng wika where we used her red Filipinana dress last year

Linggo ng Wika 2013Naki red lang din ako :p

Grandparents Day

Last year, it was Papa who graced the Grandparents day event, this year we invited Mama

GrandParents Day 2013

She does this best: silly faces!

Sachi’s class danced the “Mama Mia”. I am so proud of my baby girl!

The last activity for the sem is the “ala trick or treat”. This year’s theme is Wizard of Oz. The teachers were all out in their costumes… even the parents! How cool! Biglang nawalan ng effect ang pagka “stage parent” ko. There were mommies wearing all-out costumes, walang effect ang effort ng zebra headband and scarf ko. haha!

Zebra ladies 2013



There is still the other half of the school year, and we look forward to it!


The above post was drafted November last year. Now 4 months after, I am finally publishing and finishing the post. We already finished Senior Nursery and Sachi graduated, ready for her big school! But before that, below are the second half of school activities:

Christmas Concert in December

Butterfly girls

The class sang “Noche de Paz”, Spanish version of Silent Night. Thus, the flag bib 🙂

Dec 2014 Concert

Christmas Concert 2014 ISYC

Dinosaurs Island Field Trip to start off 2014

Dino Island

The Senior Nursery Butterflies
Jan 23, 2014

Family Day Fun Run

Sachi at Fun Run

February 9, 2014

Fun Run 2014

Family Day 2014
The school organized a Fun Run activity for the families, held at UP Track Oval. We joined the 400m Family Run.
With my barely there tummy but my I-don’t-know-when-my-preggy-pain-episodes-will-attack, I braved the track. Sachi ended up dragging me. Haha! 🙂

Then finally, March activity is the Moving Up and Graduation Day.


Sachi with her SN Teachers: Teacher Leah and Teacher Tin


The class sang “I am but a small voice” and Sachi was one of the students that introduced their class performance

“All throughout our Senior Year, we danced and sang a lot. But now with voices loud and clear, we’ll sing with all we’ve got!”


Look how tall she is!






So proud of her as she delivered her lines loud and clear.

“My name is Isabel Sachi P. Delos Santos. I learned how to sing my favorite songs like Take a Trip, Seed Cycle and 8 Planets in ISYC”


Senior Nursery Class 2014



We originally planned to take assessment at Poveda and Miriam, but since she passed Poveda, we didn’t take the Miriam test anymore. Unfortunately for us, the wind blew in a different direction and we had to let go of Poveda too.

Grad 3


We are one proud parents!

As we say goodbye to 2 years of preschool education, I just want to note that we are both very happy and satisfied with this first formal school. Thank you Lord for leading us here and always blessing us, so we can provide.

We love you Sachi, we are beaming with pride!

Mommy Week

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It’s been a roller coaster of emotions, thus a lot of stress… But like any challenges encountered, life goes on.

The 3rd week of July was “Mommy week” in Sachi’s School. Mommies were encouraged to volunteer to give a small talk to the kids. Despite all the dramas happening that time, I just had to set it aside and squeeze, in my work schedule, this school activity.

I brought 2 girls from Posh to give quick pampering treat to the kids, and since I cannot think of anything to give that is nail care related… (I thought of giving nail clippers as a giveaway gift, but Sachi kept telling me not too, meron na daw mga classmates nya nun– I seriously believe if she was a bit older, she’d be telling me “nail clippers aren’t cool mom” lol). So I ended up making makeshift frames for the handprint artwork we’ll make, so at least they have something to bring home.



I was happy that I participated in this activity, I see my daughter’s pride the fact that I volunteered.

I was about 30-mins late for work though 😀

At the end of that week was Mommy & Child Day, this one day where the school prepares activities especially for mommy and kids.



And I say again, I appreciate ISYC for these small yet significant activities for their students. Oh, and did I say that our Teacher for this school year is the school president again? (yey!!)


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My little princess and her classmates during ToonTown sem-starter in school. It was initially planned as a sem-ender but because of bad weather, the event was moved after the sem break. They were all so cute!

Sentimental Note

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I got very sentimental with this on the first day of the little girl’s class..

Thank you, ISYC for such a sweet note.

I am a sucker for small, yet meaningful gesture :p

A Big Day

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Okay, I am back tracking my posts and I wonder if I posted Sachi’s first day in preschool. To my surprise, I didn’t! Di ko mahanap eh. Tsk, so here I am back tracking on an important milestone in the little girl’s life.

Our first day, shown in pictures:

Sachi, at first was very shy. That was expected though. She spent around 30 mins in one corner observing everyone, not bulging into any invitation of classmates and teachers to join the art activities. After what seemed like forever, Trey tugged her and that’s all she needed. Extra time and a special tug. She worked on her name painting, listened to teacher and participated. Good job for a first day!

Gets me to thinking how my first days were in preschool. All I remember (and oftentimes reminded by the elders), I am the kid who cries on the floor and bawls her heart out. In short, naglulupasay. Tsk. So yeah, compared to her mommy, Sachi did way better on her first day 🙂 🙂


I did have a draft pala, dated June 14, 2012 but it was not published. Just a little note for myself 🙂

Grandparents’ Day

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I’ve said it many times, one of the reasons why I am loving by daugther’s school is their thoughtfulness. They hold programs, get togethers and assessments almost bi-weekly. We had the mother-daughter crafts day, father and child carnival day, family day olympics, and recently, in celebration of Grandparents’ day, all the students had this big presentation at Miriam.

Well, I was excited because 1) Miriam is my alma matter. I grew up in Miriam. Half of my life was spent there and going back on that same stage where I used to perform as a kid is… I can’t really explain. 2) Sachi’s first presentation on stage 3) It’s for our loving grandparents.

Since mother was just in Manila for my birthday, only Papa was able to grace the event. All other grandparents’ are out of the country. (I told mother so many times not to go on my birthday and just graced the event, eh mas pinili nya talaga pumunta on that day. okay. I feel the love. Pero next time ma, panoorin mo nlng apo mo hehe. Ako di mo mapapasayaw, un apo mo nlng :p)

The stage parents that we are… we were there during practice!

To all our grandparents, Papa & Mama, Tatay,  Nanay and Lola Leda, and another Tatay & Nanay, Grandma Rosie, Grandma Carmen… this one is for you! Sachi did great! 🙂


Family Day Olympics 2012

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The last family day I remember as a child was my CSC days… or perhaps that was my sister or bother’s family day? Case in point, it was that long ago. So when I saw the “Family Day” on Sachi’s school calendar this September, I was excited! This used to be a big event in our preschool days. And doing it for my kid now is just…. (lost for words. speechless! shoot. am I really getting old?)

We were part of the Yellow team

The school organized games for the kids, for the mommies, for the daddies, and for families

The mommies in action
(This little girl with pink rubber pony tail and sapi is Sachi, cheering mommy!)

The activity highlight for me was this “sleigh”… our group did it so fast! It was an awkward position and I found myself shouting “left, right, left, right!” LOL

In the end, all kids were winners. The school prepared this chocolate medal 🙂

Obviously, they were proud of their “medals”

Sachi is fond of both classmates. She says they are her best friends.
One of the boys lang?

This first family day activity for sure will be marked special on our calendar.

Til our next school activity!



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