Sachi the First, 5th Birthday Party

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I love birthdays, especially now that I have kids. Birthdays are festive and fun! Well, at least for children. For adults, it’s more of meaningful, intimate events (at least that’s how I feel now).

The birthday girl, being in love with Sofia the first, the new princess show from Disney, has this for her birthday theme. I thought our party won’t push through because the day before her birthday, I was confined in the hospital. I pleaded to my doctor if I can be discharged the next day. I wouldn’t want to miss the craziness of a DIY yearly party I make for my daughter.

Thankfully, I was discharged. The morning of her birthday, you guess, I was a busy bee —


Yay for Sofia the First!


How can I not be strong for this little princess?


I will conquer confinement just to be with you and make you feel special, little (but-not-so-little) girl!


Silly faces with Tita Ayee

Our ever reliable mommy friends who, despite short notice are always present in our kiddo’s life.


Isabel Sachi, as you grow older and you grow wiser, I pray to God for His guidance. May you be kind-hearted and a good Christian.

You make us proud, and you fill our life with so much joy and happiness. Your sweet ways are commendable, even your discipline. At this age, you know what you want, and often times, insist on it. I see you have a strong, yet sweet personality. You enjoy being around people, yet you are shy.

This year, we are going to be a party of 4 — a family of 4 or a team of 4 as you would fondly say. But you will always be my/our first. You taught me to be selfless and loving. I thank you for that. You reciprocate very well the unconditional love we give you.

Everyday, we pray to be the best parents for you… and for your baby sister. We love you so much!



Birthday celebration in school

IMG_6507 Happy happy birthday my baby girl! (You don’t want to be referred to as baby, but allow me as this year, you will be an Ate and the baby role will be passed on)

The best decade of my life

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September 15, 2013

I cannot say this year’s birthday is something that I look forward to. Who looks forward to their 30th? It just sound so… different… and mature… and old… ugghh. Imagine being 20 something for the past ten years… that past decade was so memorable, the highlight of my (so far 3-decade) life. It was in this decade I enjoyed the single life and started my family life. This is the decade I stepped into the real world…

But it’s inevitable, so I have to embrace it, stepping into a new decade. I AM THIRTY (still gives me the shiver saying that).


Embracing my 30s with a selfie :p

I did not want a party but hubby insisted he would throw me one because it’s a milestone age. Who am I to say no? It was the perfect day to reminisce and celebrate the joys and blessings of the past decade, and celebrate what is to come.

I am very blessed beyond words, not for abundance of money nor material things, but blessed with lots of love from family and friends. Stepping into this age, I have a lot of things I want to do, achieve, still far from our family goal — but I am blessed in such a way that the Lord gives us and opens to us a lot of opportunities. The Lord never fails to provide.

The last day of my twenty-ninth was my birthday celebration, partying the 20s style. Complete with vomiting,  fall down the floor, knock down and throbbing head the next day.


 Ume-effect lang ako with the DIY balloon invitation


Party Menu
We ended up not following this because we consumed way less than the minimum. Not a lot of friends were able to attend. Nevertheless we got wasted. Ehem, especially me





At 12 midnight, time to blow the candle


and drink this shooter…

Which was a bad idea because after some more photos, it was the end for me. LOL



Here are some photos from friends IG account


DirtyThirty8 DirtyThirty_Kim DirtyThirty_Kim1

In the morning, this is what I felt

Twenty No More

With my throbbing headache, dragged myself to dinner at MoMo Eastwood. Para hindi naman masayang ang araw ng birthday. Haha. And I repeat, oh wow, I am not twenty no more

Sept 15 2014

Cheers to this milestone age!

I know the best(-est) is yet to come! 🙂

Hong Kong 2013

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As an extension of Sachi’s 4th birthday celebration, and the visit of Tita Amy in the Philippines, we had a family trip to Hong Kong (sans Daddy).

Since I am too late in posting, I’ll just share some photos on my drafts, for my file 🙂

HK2013-5 HK2013-6







Celebrating our 4th!

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Being busy with our work, me going back to the workforce and hubs handling Posh and starting 2 new businesses, we really didn’t have definite plans for our fourth Wedding Anniversary. All we wanted was to be together (naks!) but really, we just wanted to finish our errands, then stroll in the mall and have lunch.

4th Anniversary

Little did I know that my “addiction” will start this day.

Seeing Pandora at Lucerne, I introduced the brand to the hubby. He wasn’t very fond because of the price and material (which is silver). That was exactly my initial assessment too… So when we we were advised to check out the new stand-alone shop at the new wing of the mall, I was making parinig. Until the hubby agreed to get me a chain, to start on it or maybe to end my parinig :p.

When I got to the store, I found hubby talking to the sales associate already, with an assortment of charm options and chain on the table. Who am I to remind him “akala ko chain lang muna?” He ended up buying me 3 charms with the chain ❤ and I’m in love!! 4 Pandora items on our 4th anniversary, the perfect gift for an unforgettable moment (occasion) 😉


Oh for the hubs, I got him a new pair of kicks. So yes, we ended up shopping for gifts. Sabi na nga ba, mas ok talaga pag walang plano :p We are happy mall campers this day 🙂

Happy Birthday, Mama!

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A lot of people get intimidated by my mother. She is frank and straightforward. She is true to herself and true to others. She will fight for what is right. She is strong-willed and a workaholic. You never see her nap in the afternoon, nor sleep early just because. She sacrificed being away from her children to give them the best education, the best of everything actually. She worked her way up, literally from nothing to everything. In regular days, you will never see her simply relaxing. You will never see her play cards or mah-jong, not even lay her hands on any mobile game… that’s not her. She is always, always doing something fruitful.

In the surface she’s fierce, a result of years of hard work and labor, and bites from the real life. But underneath her strong personality is a kind-hearted generous woman; even funny, crazy and silly!

Mother, we appreciate everything that you do and we love you to pieces. You owe it to yourself to relax and have some fun.

You are the epitome of success. The role model of a mother, the embodiment of love. I am blessed to have you as my mom. Coming just an inch close of what you achieved will be more than enough.

I. Love. You.


Surprise Dinner for Mama's 43rd!

Surprise Dinner for Mama’s 43rd!

06.22.2013, 6:30 pm

The least I could do is plan a surprise on her birthday… and I’m so glad we did! ❤

“SachiLoopsy’s” Birthday SPArty!

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It is to no surprise that we are having this Lalaloopsy themed birthday this year as this is her latest toy craze. I spent a month making all these Do-it-Yourself party crafts, with special mention to yaya J who was very helpful and eager to assist. From invitation, food tag, ribbons, set-up, activities to her “costume”, it was all DIY.  Researching, designing,  photoshop-ing, printing, taping, stapling, lots and lots of cutting, sticking, shopping, name it and it has been made. All the little details made this small intimate party a one-month prep.

Pero sulit all the spare time that I spent for this “project”. I’m one proud momma, which is very well appreciated as she keeps on saying “I  love you so much mommy and thank you for preparing my party” ❤

We take you to our little celebration spent with classmates, a post yet again full of photos.


Invitation, girls and boys edition


Welcome to our Lalaloopsy Sparty

Welcome Sign

Scarlet Riding Hood's Activity Area

Scarlet Riding Hood’s activity area


The birthday girl in her kikay outfit, with our  hand drawn make your own t-shirt 🙂

Twinkle and Pix E Flutter

Twinkle and Pix E. Flutter’s Tasty Sweets

Sugar's Cookie Delight

Sugar Crumb’s Cookie Delight and Pizza

Lalaloopsy Buffet

Sweet Buffet

Lalaloopsy Party-2

For my uber to the max sweet daughter, a very fitting sugar overload buffet :p – Cotton Candy, Doughnuts, Cupcake, cheese sticks, hotdog and mallows, popcorn, fish biscuits, bread sticks and chocolate cake

Lalaloopsy Party-3

With our DIY toppers

Lalaloopsy Party-4

Marina Anchor’s Fish Biscuit

Ember's Water Station

Ember Flicker Flame’s Water Station

Lalaloopsy Party-1

The celebrant with her classmates. Bubble time!!!

Bubble Fun

Kiddie Sparty

Girls Kiddie Sparty

Lalaloopsy Party-8

Make your own Lalaloopsy Bracelet

Lalaloopsy Party-7

Panda Girls and Moms

Lalaloopsy Party-6

Coloring sheets

Lalaloopsy Party-5

Paper mache activity

Lalaloopsy Party-9

Lalaloopsy Party-12

Ever supportive daddies

Lalaloopsy Party-11

A thank you gift for mommies’ presence 🙂

4th Bday Lalaloopsy Party

Lalaloopsy Party-10

Thank you to the parents of Sachi’s classmates for going to our party/sending their kids to join us. Thank you SEW much! You made my little girl happy 🙂 It was a fun and a new experience for our little boys and girls, a memorable 4th birthday spent with her friends 🙂


Happy 4th Birthday, Sachi!

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photo (1)

To our dear daughter,

No words can define how happy we are for having a daughter like you. You are the sweetest. At 4 years old, you know so many things that daddy and I often find ourselves just looking at each other and at a lost for words. You are very talkative and converse like an adult. You are playful and at times controlling. At this age, you exude a leader personality. You like to play pretend, play bubbles, jump from one sofa to another, skip, hop and just be the fun active little girl that you are.

I am also very proud that you are potty trained and you control your peepee very well. You sleep without nappy at 3 years and 10 months.  You like brownies, and chocolate cake. You love the new toy Lalaloopsy and watch the show over and over until you memorize their lines. You enjoy going to school and has never been absent. Teacher says you pretend to be the teacher sometimes. You work with little to no supervision. You need still need to learn how to take criticisms well, but all of your academics are excellent. You also write well, and color inside the lines. You are OC that way.

Often times, you are very makulit. You call “mommy” like there is no tomorrow. You are still shy, most especially when prodded and with new faces around you. I think you feel pressured. Also, you show a perfectionist attitude. When you do something, you’d sometimes react, “no, not perfect!” When you don’t know what to do, you observe and is shy to try unless you are sure you know already.

Did I mention you are the sweetest? You give mommy flowers when you go out for a walk. Even more, you ask permission from the garden owner “Can I get this for my mommy?”. You blurt “I love you” every other minute. You bless-hug-and-kiss all the time, in that order. You say things like “I love you super duper much mommy and daddy”, you give us long kisses. When we pretend to be sick, you take care of us and give us sweet long kisses. When in the dentist, you check up on me periodically and ask “Are you okay, mommy? I will just be here” Oh, little girl, this and so much more…

We thank the Lord for a year of health, joy and knowledge. You didn’t get sick the whole year except for the usual cough and colds that didn’t really matter, in short hindi mo ininda.

We cannot pray for anything more, just the continuous blessing that you are getting and you are giving.

You are our biggest and most important blessing. Mommg & Daddy loves you “super duper much!”

Happy happy birthday!!!


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