Twenty Twelve

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On my Facebook page, I made a wrap of our 2012, summed up in photos. Since uploading a number of photos on a blog takes so much time, will do it in text and link 😀

We had a lot to celebrate. We celebrated Birthdays

Sachi’s 3rd Swimming Party at Cobo Pavilion
Nanay’s Birthday
Papa’s Birthday in the province
Mama’s Birthday celebration in Manila
JM’s Birthday at Vikings
Daniel’s Bday at Vikings
My surprise birthday dinner


Posh Nails’ 10th Anniversary at Makati
Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary


Bern & Third, Manila
Pau & Mike, Manila
Cher & Rob, Boracay

and of course, the highlight of events… Max’s Baptism, California


New York
Los Angeles

Went to the zoo, to Museo Pambata, to Boracay to Tagaytay, to Boracay again

New beginnings —

We had the opportunity to start anew with Posh
New Opportunities
Back to Office

Tried out new things

Shooting range – held a gun and shoot it… for real!
Baby ballet
Shake Shack

We also had first day high
Sachi’s “big school preschool”
Stage performance at Marian Auditorium, Miriam
A lot of family events prepared by the school
Mother & DaughterFather & Child, Family Day, Home Visit

Of course, the annual Halloween costume won’t get left behind
Sachi came as Wilma Flintstone along with our friends’ kids Fred Flintstone and Bambam
Medieval Princess

Get togethers with family, BFC, barkada, friends

It was a year full of memories. There were a lot of challenges, but more blessings and opportunities.

We have high hopes and dreams for 2013. We pray Dear Lord, that you guide us, keep us strong, give us strength, wisdom and enough resources to finally make things happen 🙂 Let’s do this, twenty thirteen!


How can I forget about Milk Tea? If there is an addiction this 2012, milk tea it is for me. I swear I could have drank gallons of milk tea last year (Now I wonder why I have fatty liver? Eeeks) 01-16-2013


Best of 2010

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Year 2010 is full of blessings.

Sachi’s 1st Birthday Party – We’re proud of this birthday celebration because its all from hard earned money. Thanks to our then business, Sachi Prints, labor of office work and gifts from family, we were able to come up with a beautiful party for our daughter.

Posh Nails Grand Opening – This new business venture is a big blessing. From its conception to construction to operation, it was all us (hubby and I). We were so blessed to have the wisdom and the courage to fulfill our duties. Imagine, we literally participated in the construction. And I mean not only with the paperworks, but we were literally at the site everyday, manning the workers, buying and transporting the supplies, bringing in food, etc. It was a lot of stress because everything is new to us — no background no nothing. Its our first take on a major business venture that involves a big construction — (*strict kc ng SM, may mga blueprint and contractor requirements, materials and bawat galaw kailangan approved. Daig pa namin nagpagawa ng bahay sa stress, promise!)

For us to hold the grand opening of Posh is an achievement in itself.

US Trip – Then we had our much awaited US vacation. A month  for me and 2 for hubby. Its a very special trip. Very blessed to have very accommodating and loving in-laws.

Los Angeles

San Francisco

Las Vegas


Big Sur

Napa Valley

Sachi Prints Anniversary – Our first ever take on a business is our very own Heat Press T-shirt Printing Business. Its a wonderful blessing because this business was made from scratch — and we were able to set it up in a mall!! =)

Sachi about to turn Two – Having a daughter as active and as healthy as Sachi is a great blessing for any parent.

Thank you Lord for the wonderful blessings the past year. These are the milestones, everyday of 2010 is a blessing. Thank you.

I hope you had the best 2010 too!

2011, Lets roll!!


December Festivities

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December is the happiest month for everyone — The atmosphere, the environment, the people, the events, the activities. It is such a fun-filled month that it comes by so quickly. Its may favorite month because everything and everyone’s happy. The sparkling lights on the street, the decors in the mall, in villages, in the house… Everything comes to life.

What makes December so special?

1) Numerous bazaars — left and right. I used to like going to bazaars. You’ll see unique and chic finds, plus the fact that you can haggle the price makes the shopping experience more exciting (and economical). Now, i don’t go to bazaars as often anymore, in fact I went to just one bazaar this year. I’m now more interested in joining the seller’s bandwagon 🙂

Noel Bazaar at the World Trade with the kids

2) Christmas Dinners and Parties

Posh Nails SM Marikina Christmas party

Barkada Z-1 Christmas Party at Discovery Suites

Christmas get together with hubby’s college friends

Posh Nails Franchisee’s Christmas dinner at Barcino

3) Weddings & Birthdays – This month is popular for weddings. Well, who wouldn’t want to tie the knot on a happy month?

Hannah’s 2nd Bday – Swimming party @ Eastwood

Hi Jollibee!

Little girl wearing her swimsuit

She was just all pose because she was sick… She can’t go swimming. Boohoo

Mommy & Sachi by the pool 🙂

Marvin & Kat’s wedding at Peninsula de Punta Fuego

4) Christmas decors — I’ve said this many times, I love Christmas decors… on malls, on the street, in and out of the house, little details… it makes things alive. My favorite is the Glorietta window at Ayala Ave. So pretty! Didn’t get to take a picture of it though.

Here’s our store with Christmas decors, photo from Pinay Ads

5) Gifts – looking for the perfect gift/token, and receiving the perfect presents 🙂

6) December is good for business –  That’s why its every entrepreneur’s wish na “sana laging pasko”

7) Christmas Day!

How was your Happy Month?



September Wrap-Up

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My birthday month — I was looking forward to a month-filled birthday celebration of life’s simple pleasures. The turn of events for this month, not only for me but for most Filipinos living in the Metro was tragic.

I didn’t plan for a birthday party this year. I was too tired. Not to mention the expenses. I just wanted to spend time with family, some relaxation and enjoy the simple (and free) things in life.

I had all these lined up for this supposedly happy month:

  • A day of relaxation — shopping and spa at The Spa (c/o our GCs from Ate A) — boo
  • One weekday of Swimming at Antipolo resort with Sachi — boo
  • Zoobic Safari — boo (Manila Ocean Park kind of made up for this)
  • Eat all these favorites: Banoffe cake, pichi-pichi, kebab, and kamicos tacos at GH — all check!!

Back to the month’s wrap up…

Events and Celebrations

Sept 13 – Iya’s 3rd Birthday  ♥  Sept 13 – Kim’s Mama’s Grand 80th ♥  Sept 15 – My 26th

Malls, Movies and other Lakwacha’s

Watched “In My Life” at Promenade Greenhills  ♥  SM Marikina  ♥  SM Megamall  ♥  Robinson’s Metro East ♥ Batangas  ♥  Iloilo and Guimaras Trip ♥  Manila Ocean Park ♥  SM Iloilo

What I did for the first time this month

Fish Spa

Other notables: The wrath of typhoon Ondoy ♥   Sachi’s 2 front teeth

Huffy Birthdays: 7 – Rob  ♥  9 – Pong  ♥  13 – Sophia  ♥ 15 – Arlene  ♥  19 – MC  ♥  20 – Vanessa

August Wrap Up

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August was yet another busy month of preparation. Submissions there, sample here, scouting over there, errands left and right…

Events and Celebrations

August 15 Ima’s Bday Celebration ♥ August 16 Alyssa’s Baptism ♥ Aug 24 Woot Woot Visa Approval!

Malls, Movies and other Lakwacha’s

Rizal visit ♥ Watched the cartoon, UP at SM cinema ♥ SM Marikina ♥ Sta. Lucia ♥ Robinson’s Metro East ♥

What I did for the first time this month

Watched a Full 3D Movie  ♥  First time in the THE Outskirts: Recto and Baclaran ♥  Pick up relative from the airport

Other notables:

Got an advanced HP Mini gift from J  ♥  Tita Myrna’s visit  ♥  Cory’s Death ♥  New food snack: Shawarma Tacos!

Huffy Birthdays:

1 – Denielli  ♥  6 – Lesley  ♥ 16 – Daniel  ♥   19 – Ima, Manang Lita and Olanski  ♥   24 – Trina

July Wrap Up

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Events and Celebrations

♥ JM’s birthday ♥ Sachi’s half a birthday ♥ Johann & Wea’s Wedding ♥ Jacob’s first birthday

Malls, Movies and other Lakwacha’s

♥ Buffet lunch at Dad’s with JM, Trina & Papa ♥ Megamall ♥ Robinson’s Metro East

What I did for the first time this month:

♥ Register a business name ♥ Meet up with business consultants (feels like the real world. hehe)

Other notables:

♥ Sold our car, Pogi, a black Honda Accord ♥ July was a very busy month — all about business. We had 4 different little businesses in mind, only one stood up… taking small steps…

Huffy Birthdays:

♥ July 3 – Ate Ayee ♥ July 4 – Tito Ben ♥ July 29 – Ate Ayee ♥

June Wrap Up

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Since I’m blogging to eventually remember things in the past (at least the important ones), I am going to start a wrap-up entry per month to make “looking back” easier. Blog buddy Anna does it really well. I realize there’s no better way to start than my wedding month, June 2009.

Events and Celebrations
June 12 Wedding  ♥  Sachi’s 5th month  ♥  Baptism Seminar at Lourdes Church  ♥  7th Birthday party of Kuya Amiel’s son at Laguna  ♥ JM’s first father’s day

Malls, Movies and other Lakwacha’s
 Watched Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen  ♥  Tagaytay Overnight  ♥  My Coolmint Spa  ♥  Visit Ate Lorna’s place (Papa’s cousin) at Laguna  ♥  Megamall  ♥  Robinson’s Galleria  ♥  Robinson’s Metro East

What I did for the first time this month:
Willingly had my hair cut short! (The only time I had short hair was in 4th grade, and that hair cut was actually a no-choice cut c/o Tita Rosie “Salon” hehe)  ♥  Get acrylic nails (that was actually applied to the nail, and not simply “glued” on the nail)  ♥  Visit Andanita Taj at Tagaytay  ♥  Eat at Mano’s Greek Tavern  ♥  Eat at Antonio’s Grill  ♥  Eat at Slice ‘n Dice ♥  Check-in at Discovery Suites  ♥  Visit One San Miguel Ave Bldg (occular inspection for Sachi’s christening)

Other notables:
Braces removed!

Huffy Birthdays:
June 2 – Bopeep  ♥  June 6 – RA  ♥  June 7 – Marvy  ♥  June 22 – Mama