Best Man Speech

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Forgive me N for stealing a copy of your speech and posting it on my blog. If in case you stumble upon this. Hehe. Sayang your preparation so I’m posting it instead 🙂 (He didn’t say this speech because the previous speakers had a short, unprepared speech like the one below, so he opted for a short cut)

Good afternoon everyone, I’d like to take a few moments to say a few words about our groom. I’m (I purposely deleted the name), JM’s longtime good friend When JM asked me to be his best man, at first I was over joyed, firstly that he was going to marry the woman that he loves, and secondly that he had asked me to be his best man. But for a while I came to realized that I would have to stand up here and talk in front of his family and closest friends.

JM is a jolly and alaskador guy which drives the converstions funny back then, though he tends to be hardworking and responsible at times, a little bit of a “gimikero” or should I say a very “gimikero guy”, whichever comes first.

Way back in college, we used to call him as “Puto”, not because mahilig sya sa “puto” but him being fanatic with Rap Music and to complete the cast kasi naubusan na sha ng name dahil pinangalan na nya sa min lahat ng rappper. And after college, I also remember the times that we are on job hunting, mag uusap pa kmi nyan, pre ilang resume dadalahin natin? Cguro mga 20 pwede na, though uso nnaman yung via internet, but we still believe na maybe there is much bigger chance of earning a job if mag wawalk in, at mas feel mo mag apply. Anyway, this guy’s perception / outlook has suddenly changed, I noticed it when we had a short conversation about life goals / direction / success, kc before we never talked about these topics, not because he’s not that matured, maybe because those are the time na were enjoying being bachelors. And I found na merun na pla cya direction in life, because he finally found the woman that he’s looking for and this is no other he’s lovely wife Arlene. I may not know much of Arlene but, I can see she’s a very nice person, which I had observe whenever we had a meet-ups with friends and most of all I can see the change in JM.

Closing / Toast Congratulations, Arlene & JM I’m looking forward to the day when we’re all together again celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary. Finally, I would like to say another thank-you to everybody for coming and joining the newly married couple in their celebration. And I am sure you will all agree they make a fantastic couple. Ladies and Gentlemen, please all join me in a toast, and let’s give them our biggest smile. To the happy couple, long may their love last! Cheers!

Blessed with FIRSTS and the ONE

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2009 is a year of the FIRSTS, a year of blessings — to think that we are only in the middle of it.

Today, we are celebrating our 1st month anniversary. It’s only been a month since we tied the knot, and yet a lot of things happened in between. I actually have two contradicting thoughts — “One month na yun?” and “One month pa lang un?”

The month flew by so fast because we were busy preparing for another important event, but at the same time, the wedding day feels so distant because of the packed activities. Regardless, whether I felt like its been forever or just yesterday, being with the ONE makes it worthwhile. We are no longer in the honeymoon stage, we were never on that stage this month actually (that came ahead remember? lol). But seriously, after the wedding, we are immediately faced with reality. Expenses rose to the hilt (Sachi’s baptism, wedding payables, business “capital”). Plus, we want to have a new baby —-

No, not a sibling for Sachi, but another baby. I’ve yet to blog when all is set — we are still on the conceptualization stage, so I don’t want to jinx it.

With all the events and happenings of the month, this special day was also spent productively. We finally had our cellphones rose from the dead, our “gift” to each other (My 6500c has been busted for 5 months! Accidentally pressed the bedpan duirng my hospital stay on the phone’s LCD). I ate my favorite tacos at Kamicos in greenhills (I swear I can live with their tacos alone). And I had my kebab fix from Behrouz. An LV  or a gucci bag would have made it perfect, but for now we can only come close. One step at a time. We will get there 😉

Happy ONE month to us!!

My Wedding Gown

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Expect me to post wedding pics every now and then coz I can’t seem to finish posting wedding related entries. Well, for one, I’m not done choosing pics from SmartShot. Second, pictures from guests are just coming in, and third I have another celebration to prepare so I don’t have enough time to do all entries in one sitting.

Here are pics taken from Chichong’s camera. This was taken at the end of the reception program. I like his shots! The beauty of my gown was captured. Thanks again to Czarina Villa for the intricate details of my beautiful gown!

Arlene at Reception

My Gown

tired brideMy sleeves is detachable. I initially wanted a second look for the reception, but on the day, I chose to wear the sleeves all throughout the event. On this picture, my feet are so sore

Details of my gown: (Shoutout to Cza, help me here! haha) French lace bodice with full beads and crystals…

The Power of Two


We’re the type of couple who wants to be together all the time. We would sometimes go out and meet our respective friends (you know, all those you-need-to-have-time-to-be-alone, to be with your own set of friends), but we only end up missing each other that the next time we leave the house, we bring each other along.

Here we are, together forever in God’s Love.

A&JOur rings, the sign of our love and commitment to each other


THE Day: Reception Details

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If it’s only possible to oversee the reception preparation, I would have done it. But of course, I’m the bride so I have no choice but to let my OC-ness go and let the coordinators and the caterer do their jobs.

Not everything turned out the  way I wanted it to be, but I guess that’s part of it. As they say, no wedding is perfect. You can only come close. Ours is actually on the brink of perfection, its just my OC-ness that’s keeping it from being one. Teehee.

guest centerpieceTable Centerpiece for guests

Additional favors/appetizers for guests

Table Set-upDIY on the guest tables: Name tags (on top of each table napkins), Table number and Menu (back to back)

reception night mode
The candles and the red petals scattered on the centerpiece makes it a little more romantic

VIP tableThe VIP table has lots of white roses and gold charger plates

VIP plate
VIP plate with name tag

souvenir principal sponsors
Giveaways for VIP

Mini CakesWedding Cupcakes
Mini Cakes and cupcakes for VIP

The cake — which I tought was cupcake. LOL. just kidding! I just find it a tad small and the design.. so simple! I know I chose this, but the overall effect of what I chose didn’t look this plain. I was also disappointed with the color. They used yellow! As in yellow like light yellow – star yellow. Heller. My motif is emerald green and gold. I didn’t use green on reception details coz I wanted to focus on the gold tone. The cake shold have been on the gold tone. I said yes to yellow, thinking it will be on the gold tone. Far from it. Ohwell. It taste good naman so ok na din.

Reception_wineWine for couple’s toast

Reception Couples Table
Our nest for the night. I love our backdrop, so Grecian, matching with my bridesmaids dresses 🙂

Reception_lechonWe ordered Sabroso Lechons, honestly, I’m not really a fan of their laman, but I super love their balat! So crispy. All parts ha. The meat is tender yeah but since its a native pig, it has a different taste.

salad barThe Salad Bar

buffet de chocolar
The much raved Buffet de Chocolat

buffet de chocolat

buffer de chocolat fondue

buffet de chocolat3

buffet de chocolat4

buffet de chocolat2

buffet de chocolat side

buffet de chocolat5

venueThe reception set-up (wait… where are the white petals on the side of the red carpet that I requested?)

As what was suggested on a wedding blog (which I landed on in my wedding research – very informative and super organized wedding, love her scrapbook theme!), I made a powerpoint presentation of how I envisioned the reception details so that the banquet manager will have, more or less, an idea on my preference. I am OC when it comes to this. From the flowers to the table numbers, the menu to the name tags, I was very specific and hands-on. Overall, the reception looked great, but of course, I’m the only one who knows what I specified and not all were executed very well. I’m a little disappointed with them actually (Them — Josiah’s). I was expecting an excellent service (considering we spent a lot on them!) AND that all my approved requests will be executed. Word of advice if in case this happens to you. Don’t let it ruin your day. Just let go. And blog about it after. LOL.

SmartShot Technique

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Ang shot na bawal huminga for a full ten seconds

Twisted Wedding Game

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A twist from the normal bouquet & garter toss

I must say it was fun, rather than the throwing of bouquet which normally ends on the floor. Enjoy the video! 🙂 Thanks to the girls who were all game, especially Crystal. To the boys, thanks for joining too, the Kundirana guy was palaban, but the strong knees of the boxer won 🙂

Thanks, all for being a sport 🙂

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