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A follower of the latest fashion, that’s what fashionista means. Well, I follow my mommy’s fashion advice (I don’t have much choice) for now. Mommy tries her best to dress me up in the most fashionable way she can. I prefer simple clothes coz I still consider myself a newborn. I am barely 2 months old as of this writing. I haven’t been anywhere but in our house and the hospital. I’m looking forward to go malling and my trip to the province. I wonder what my mom will make me wear. All entries about me being a fashionista and anything about me that my mom writes, you can read HERE.

March 25, 2009

Five days ago, my mommy received a text from tita ayee asking if she can borrow my scrapbook for a tv plug. Oh why not! Not only do I want to be heard, I’d love to be seen. I hope I am telegenic.

Here are several snapshots of my scrapbook that we sent to Tita Ayee:


March 25, 20099
All entries about me being a fashionista and anything about me that my mom writes, you can read HERE.

Hello there! I just got back from my first out of town trip, and it was a 4-hour drive. Pretty long for a baby like me. I cried unconsolably for the first time. I think I scared grandma and mommy. So what did I do in our province? As usual, I slept and drank my milk most of the time. My parents brought me to several cousins and they were all saying that I’m a big girl. Well, maybe I am. But that’s how my Mama wants me to be and that’s how it’s going to stay for a while. I’m cuter this way. Teehee.



I wore my favorite Minnie Mouse onesie and floral rubber shoes which my mommy bought at a Karl Edward’s bazaar when I was still in her tummy. I also brought my all time favorite playmate, Minnie Mouse.

On our second day, I visited my great grandmother, Nanay Mely.


Apparently, we all got our dimples from her. My papa’s, my mommy’s, and mine. Thank you Nanay Mely.

I also met my second cousin. She’s a month and a half older than me but I’m heavier. Our eyes are the total opposite, I have big wide eyes, hers is chinita. She looks like a korean girl, my mommy and grandma Rosie calls her koreana.

I’m looking forward to my next out of town visit and meet more new friends.

April 13, 2009

All entries about me being a fashionista and anything about me that my mom writes, you can read

I finally went shopping with mommy, daddy and yaya lita. I went to my first mall this weekend. It was Cesca’s christening and reception was held at Kamayan restaurant at Megamall. The place is noisy. There’s too much noise and too much people! Everyone said I’m big. I’m getting used to that comment now. I met a few of my daddy’s friends from college. They said I’m cute and I look like my mommy.

After the reception, we stayed at Starbucks. While daddy and his friends were chitchatting, I snoozed for a bit. Then we went shopping. My parents bought me plastic nappies and a longer pillow. I saw a big Minnie Mouse stuff toy too, 500x magnified of my little Minnie Mouse.

My first outfit (mommy is looking for the picture): A terno gray dress and plaid shorts with matching hat – funky feet socks: gray bows on toes

My second outfit:

sachi-get-up-april-25-2009-aCute sailor inspired dress from Grandma Rosie – Calvin Klein bib from Tita Kim – Enfant yellow rubber shoes (which I wasn’t able to use on this trip coz I was loving my funky feet socks too much)

I wonder where my next mall will be…

April 25, 2009

All entries about me being a fashionista and anything about me that my mom writes, you can read


I attended Tita Caissa’s graduation party at Montgomery place. I wore my newest outfit (among others) which was given by tita Trisha. I just got them the other day… fresh from the US! Thank you tita Trish!

The place is nice — crisp and clean. The building is all white, and the pool on the first floor is big. Makes me want to go in for a dip!

The reception hall is cold. I slept for awhile then showed off my speaking skills to tita Caissa’s grandmother. We were a sight to behold (we both don’t have teeth. Teehee)

lola-and-sachiAng Kwento ni Lola

sachioutfit0429091Carter’s SMILE Onesie from tita Trisha – Tender Luv pink rubber shoes


April 29, 2009

All entries about me being a fashionista and anything about me that my mom writes, you can read

I visited my Pediatrician again this morning. I am in for another vaccination. Babies and toddlers in Doctora’s clinic cry a lot. I get scared sometimes coz of the loud cries. But because Daddy & Mommy (this time Mama too)are with me, I just cry a little πŸ™‚

Sachi get-upPedia with mama

I wore my iPoo’d onesie and leg warmers coz it’s so cold at Doctora’s clinic.

Sachi outfit_050909
Disney bib – Tinytots iPoo’d onesie – Enfant Yellow rubber shoes (not in picture: Tinytots gray and yellow leg warmer)

Oh. And guess what?! I had my ears pierced too. I cried inconsolably for a few minutes. But when I was carried and given my milk, I just slept it off. Doctora said I’m cute and healthy. Yahoo! πŸ™‚

Check out Mommy’s entry here

May 9, 2009

This page haven’t been updated for a time now since Mommy is so busy with her wedding. Now that it’s a done deal (We now have the same surnames), it’s time to keep this page updated.

I wore this dress below during Mommy’s visit to the dentist. It was cold in the clinic, so good thing I had this cozy long sleeves dress from Tita Dens.

Sachi Outfit May 2009

To see more on Sachi’s milestones and everyday entry click here

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