I love birthdays, especially now that I have kids. Birthdays are festive and fun! Well, at least for children. For adults, it’s more of meaningful, intimate events (at least that’s how I feel now).

The birthday girl, being in love with Sofia the first, the new princess show from Disney, has this for her birthday theme. I thought our party won’t push through because the day before her birthday, I was confined in the hospital. I pleaded to my doctor if I can be discharged the next day. I wouldn’t want to miss the craziness of a DIY yearly party I make for my daughter.

Thankfully, I was discharged. The morning of her birthday, you guess, I was a busy bee —


Yay for Sofia the First!


How can I not be strong for this little princess?


I will conquer confinement just to be with you and make you feel special, little (but-not-so-little) girl!


Silly faces with Tita Ayee

Our ever reliable mommy friends who, despite short notice are always present in our kiddo’s life.


Isabel Sachi, as you grow older and you grow wiser, I pray to God for His guidance. May you be kind-hearted and a good Christian.

You make us proud, and you fill our life with so much joy and happiness. Your sweet ways are commendable, even your discipline. At this age, you know what you want, and often times, insist on it. I see you have a strong, yet sweet personality. You enjoy being around people, yet you are shy.

This year, we are going to be a party of 4 — a family of 4 or a team of 4 as you would fondly say. But you will always be my/our first. You taught me to be selfless and loving. I thank you for that. You reciprocate very well the unconditional love we give you.

Everyday, we pray to be the best parents for you… and for your baby sister. We love you so much!



Birthday celebration in school

IMG_6507 Happy happy birthday my baby girl! (You don’t want to be referred to as baby, but allow me as this year, you will be an Ate and the baby role will be passed on)