September 15, 2013

I cannot say this year’s birthday is something that I look forward to. Who looks forward to their 30th? It just sound so… different… and mature… and old… ugghh. Imagine being 20 something for the past ten years… that past decade was so memorable, the highlight of my (so far 3-decade) life. It was in this decade I enjoyed the single life and started my family life. This is the decade I stepped into the real world…

But it’s inevitable, so I have to embrace it, stepping into a new decade. I AM THIRTY (still gives me the shiver saying that).


Embracing my 30s with a selfie :p

I did not want a party but hubby insisted he would throw me one because it’s a milestone age. Who am I to say no? It was the perfect day to reminisce and celebrate the joys and blessings of the past decade, and celebrate what is to come.

I am very blessed beyond words, not for abundance of money nor material things, but blessed with lots of love from family and friends. Stepping into this age, I have a lot of things I want to do, achieve, still far from our family goal — but I am blessed in such a way that the Lord gives us and opens to us a lot of opportunities. The Lord never fails to provide.

The last day of my twenty-ninth was my birthday celebration, partying the 20s style. Complete with vomiting,  fall down the floor, knock down and throbbing head the next day.


 Ume-effect lang ako with the DIY balloon invitation


Party Menu
We ended up not following this because we consumed way less than the minimum. Not a lot of friends were able to attend. Nevertheless we got wasted. Ehem, especially me





At 12 midnight, time to blow the candle


and drink this shooter…

Which was a bad idea because after some more photos, it was the end for me. LOL



Here are some photos from friends IG account


DirtyThirty8 DirtyThirty_Kim DirtyThirty_Kim1

In the morning, this is what I felt

Twenty No More

With my throbbing headache, dragged myself to dinner at MoMo Eastwood. Para hindi naman masayang ang araw ng birthday. Haha. And I repeat, oh wow, I am not twenty no more

Sept 15 2014

Cheers to this milestone age!

I know the best(-est) is yet to come! 🙂