I feel so guilty not religiously posting updates for baby 2 — not posting any actually. Sorry baby! I have all the time in the world yet I feel so lazy and tired and uncomfortable all day. This second pregnancy is way different from my first. I am having vomiting episodes that usually ends in the hospital because of the never-ending vomit. If not, there is usually discomfort in stomach, or I’ll have LBM, or I feel like tummy is getting hard every so often.

As of writing, I am on my 10th month and 5 days. I hope after the first trimester, this pregnancy blues is over. My first pregnancy parang wala Lang, I can do anything like I’m not pregnant. Now, I can barely walk for an hour straight — either sasakit likod, titigas ang tummy… Or naduduwal and end up burping or farting. Ayayay!Β 

Looking forward to my 12th month and hopefully all will be better πŸ™‚