I look into my wordpress account, and I have lots of working drafts that I haven’t finished, and published…

But I have this exciting news that I am going to skip all other events of last year. I’ve got 2 great news actually. 1) THE purchase. I am not that comfortable in sharing details yet so let’s leave it at that for the meantime 🙂 2) We’re expecting!!! Yes, you read that right… We are having a baby!

After I missed my period, I already had a feeling. Because I don’t miss periods. My first attempt to try pregnancy test was 3 days after my supposed start of period. Nada. Super faint line that I think my eyes are playing tricks on me. The second test came 5th and the third came on my 6th day… All have faint but more definitive 2nd red line. The thing is, it takes 15mins for the 2nd line to appear, yet the package says 3-5 minutes, the correct reading should show already. So that is frustrating me. I am sure I am, but the PTs are not confirming it. Gotta note that this is the first time  I am using PTs… So pardon the ignorance :p

On to THE day.

The first Saturday after my missed period is definitely an OB day… And indeed, it is confeeermed!!

imagePregnancy Test from Dra.’s office. She said “definitely pregnant” 01.11.14

We are truly blessed. It hasn’t been long since our conscious effort to try, and with one polycystic ovary working… A baby is formed. Thank you Lord! Such a great blessing and 2014 is just starting! 🙂 🙂