It’s been a roller coaster of emotions, thus a lot of stress… But like any challenges encountered, life goes on.

The 3rd week of July was “Mommy week” in Sachi’s School. Mommies were encouraged to volunteer to give a small talk to the kids. Despite all the dramas happening that time, I just had to set it aside and squeeze, in my work schedule, this school activity.

I brought 2 girls from Posh to give quick pampering treat to the kids, and since I cannot think of anything to give that is nail care related… (I thought of giving nail clippers as a giveaway gift, but Sachi kept telling me not too, meron na daw mga classmates nya nun– I seriously believe if she was a bit older, she’d be telling me “nail clippers aren’t cool mom” lol). So I ended up making makeshift frames for the handprint artwork we’ll make, so at least they have something to bring home.



I was happy that I participated in this activity, I see my daughter’s pride the fact that I volunteered.

I was about 30-mins late for work though πŸ˜€

At the end of that week was Mommy & Child Day, this one day where the school prepares activities especially for mommy and kids.



And I say again, I appreciate ISYC for these small yet significant activities for their students. Oh, and did I say that our Teacher for this school year is the school president again? (yey!!)