Why do I like Pandora?

Pandora is sterling silver. Just like Tiffany’s or Thomas Saabo. As a brief history on my preference, I have a mother who can pass as a jeweler… there was a time she got really addicted to jewelries, she was the mother of all blings. She loves jewelry and I get to have hand me downs-my very own- at no cost (yes, lucky me!).

Modesty aside, I never had any inclination towards Tiffany’s. It’s a popular brand but never did I go to their website or get ecstatic when I see those powder blue boxes. But, I was honestly eyeing Thomas Saabo last year. I love charms! I love the idea of having my bracelets look chic and personalized. And even if it is simply silver, I am indifferent. Besides, I don’t think I can afford an array of white gold charms on my own if that is the material that comes with it.

To cut the story short, I never got to own Thomas Saabo (nor Tiffany’s), but hubby did! I got him a T.S. bracelet last Christmas. For whatever reason I had that time, I couldn’t remember, but now I know why… because the universe has another brand in store for me. It got my attention… and apparently my “addiction”!

I love the thought that I can buy a charm for special occasions, events, milestone… I am a very sentimental person, so this reason right here tops why I like Pandora. Instead of buying another material thing that would end up on the shelf or the messy pile after a few months… why not get a charm and end up creating a unique jewelry, made with lots of sentiments?


My first Pandora bracelet ♥

So yeah, I got myself a new project!

Arm Candy

Wearing it along with my favorite bracelets

(I have observed that I am a sucker for personalized things, kaya siguro ganito nlng ang appeal nito sakin)

On their website http://www.pandora.net, you can design your own bracelet. I started my creation with the charms I have… and worked my way to this!!!

My Pandora Project

Okay, so I don’t know how I will achieve this gold set (ang mahal ng gold nila!!)