Being busy with our work, me going back to the workforce and hubs handling Posh and starting 2 new businesses, we really didn’t have definite plans for our fourth Wedding Anniversary. All we wanted was to be together (naks!) but really, we just wanted to finish our errands, then stroll in the mall and have lunch.

4th Anniversary

Little did I know that my “addiction” will start this day.

Seeing Pandora at Lucerne, I introduced the brand to the hubby. He wasn’t very fond because of the price and material (which is silver). That was exactly my initial assessment too… So when we we were advised to check out the newΒ stand-alone shop at the new wing of the mall, I was making parinig. Until the hubby agreed to get me a chain, to start on it or maybe to end my parinig :p.

When I got to the store,Β I found hubby talking to the sales associate already, with an assortment of charm options and chain on the table. Who am I to remind him “akala ko chain lang muna?” He ended up buying me 3 charms with the chain ❀ and I’m in love!! 4 Pandora items on our 4th anniversary, the perfect gift for an unforgettable moment (occasion) πŸ˜‰


Oh for the hubs, I got him a new pair of kicks. So yes, we ended up shopping for gifts. Sabi na nga ba, mas ok talaga pag walang plano :p We are happy mall campers this day πŸ™‚