A lot of people get intimidated by my mother. She is frank and straightforward. She is true to herself and true to others. She will fight for what is right. She is strong-willed and a workaholic. You never see her nap in the afternoon, nor sleep early just because. She sacrificed being away from her children to give them the best education, the best of everything actually. She worked her way up, literally from nothing to everything. In regular days, you will never see her simply relaxing. You will never see her play cards or mah-jong, not even lay her hands on any mobile game… that’s not her. She is always, always doing something fruitful.

In the surface she’s fierce, a result of years of hard work and labor, and bites from the real life. But underneath her strong personality is a kind-hearted generous woman; even funny, crazy and silly!

Mother, we appreciate everything that you do and we love you to pieces. You owe it to yourself to relax and have some fun.

You are the epitome of success. The role model of a mother, the embodiment of love. I am blessed to have you as my mom. Coming just an inch close of what you achieved will be more than enough.

I. Love. You.


Surprise Dinner for Mama's 43rd!

Surprise Dinner for Mama’s 43rd!

06.22.2013, 6:30 pm

The least I could do is plan a surprise on her birthday… and I’m so glad we did! ❀