Pandora Love


Why do I like Pandora?

Pandora is sterling silver. Just like Tiffany’s or Thomas Saabo. As a brief history on my preference, I have a mother who can pass as a jeweler… there was a time she got really addicted to jewelries, she was the mother of all blings. She loves jewelry and I get to have hand me downs-my very own- at no cost (yes, lucky me!).

Modesty aside, I never had any inclination towards Tiffany’s. It’s a popular brand but never did I go to their website or get ecstatic when I see those powder blue boxes. But, I was honestly eyeing Thomas Saabo last year. I love charms! I love the idea of having my bracelets look chic and personalized. And even if it is simply silver, I am indifferent. Besides, I don’t think I can afford an array of white gold charms on my own if that is the material that comes with it.

To cut the story short, I never got to own Thomas Saabo (nor Tiffany’s), but hubby did! I got him a T.S. bracelet last Christmas. For whatever reason I had that time, I couldn’t remember, but now I know why… because the universe has another brand in store for me. It got my attention… and apparently my “addiction”!

I love the thought that I can buy a charm for special occasions, events, milestone… I am a very sentimental person, so this reason right here tops why I like Pandora. Instead of buying another material thing that would end up on the shelf or the messy pile after a few months… why not get a charm and end up creating a unique jewelry, made with lots of sentiments?


My first Pandora bracelet ♥

So yeah, I got myself a new project!

Arm Candy

Wearing it along with my favorite bracelets

(I have observed that I am a sucker for personalized things, kaya siguro ganito nlng ang appeal nito sakin)

On their website, you can design your own bracelet. I started my creation with the charms I have… and worked my way to this!!!

My Pandora Project

Okay, so I don’t know how I will achieve this gold set (ang mahal ng gold nila!!)


Celebrating our 4th!

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Being busy with our work, me going back to the workforce and hubs handling Posh and starting 2 new businesses, we really didn’t have definite plans for our fourth Wedding Anniversary. All we wanted was to be together (naks!) but really, we just wanted to finish our errands, then stroll in the mall and have lunch.

4th Anniversary

Little did I know that my “addiction” will start this day.

Seeing Pandora at Lucerne, I introduced the brand to the hubby. He wasn’t very fond because of the price and material (which is silver). That was exactly my initial assessment too… So when we we were advised to check out the new stand-alone shop at the new wing of the mall, I was making parinig. Until the hubby agreed to get me a chain, to start on it or maybe to end my parinig :p.

When I got to the store, I found hubby talking to the sales associate already, with an assortment of charm options and chain on the table. Who am I to remind him “akala ko chain lang muna?” He ended up buying me 3 charms with the chain ❤ and I’m in love!! 4 Pandora items on our 4th anniversary, the perfect gift for an unforgettable moment (occasion) 😉


Oh for the hubs, I got him a new pair of kicks. So yes, we ended up shopping for gifts. Sabi na nga ba, mas ok talaga pag walang plano :p We are happy mall campers this day 🙂

Happy Birthday, Mama!

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A lot of people get intimidated by my mother. She is frank and straightforward. She is true to herself and true to others. She will fight for what is right. She is strong-willed and a workaholic. You never see her nap in the afternoon, nor sleep early just because. She sacrificed being away from her children to give them the best education, the best of everything actually. She worked her way up, literally from nothing to everything. In regular days, you will never see her simply relaxing. You will never see her play cards or mah-jong, not even lay her hands on any mobile game… that’s not her. She is always, always doing something fruitful.

In the surface she’s fierce, a result of years of hard work and labor, and bites from the real life. But underneath her strong personality is a kind-hearted generous woman; even funny, crazy and silly!

Mother, we appreciate everything that you do and we love you to pieces. You owe it to yourself to relax and have some fun.

You are the epitome of success. The role model of a mother, the embodiment of love. I am blessed to have you as my mom. Coming just an inch close of what you achieved will be more than enough.

I. Love. You.


Surprise Dinner for Mama's 43rd!

Surprise Dinner for Mama’s 43rd!

06.22.2013, 6:30 pm

The least I could do is plan a surprise on her birthday… and I’m so glad we did! ❤

PoshNails Marikina Anniversary

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Posh Nails Marikina is celebrating its 3rd year Anniversary in service, and its 1st year Anniversary in its new location!

Exclusive to our branch this June is our “Come in 3, Get 1 free!” Anniversary Promo

Avail a freebie as much as Php 1,350! Gather your friends and family and avail of this exclusive promo running from June 8 – 30. Appointment is highly recommended to make sure our nail techs can attend to you at same time 😉

Posh Nails Hand & Foot Spa
2/F Maryland One Bldg. Gil Fernando Ave.
cor Estrador St. San Roque, Marikina City
02-3995550 / 0933-6550202

Twitter adn Instagram: myposhnails