I am a scared-y cat when it comes to swimming. For the love of life, I cannot swim in any form — If you drop me in the water, I’ll drown not only because of failure to swim but because of heart attack and panic.

This is the reason why at 4-years old, I am dutifully bringing my daughter to swimming lessons. I wanted a covered pool since the weather is so hot and humid. Scorching if I may add. Luckily, my internet research prowess led me to an unbeatable price of 2,5000 for 10 sessions  … on a covered pool! I must say it is not a first class resort, it doesn’t even come close to a 3-star maybe. It looks like a simple backyard pool decent enough to teach toddlers. With the price, I came without expecting sparkling clean amenities, just plain swimming lessons.

On that note, Coach April, who is part of the Philippine rowing team dedicates an hour to teach our 4-year olds (Went there with a friend), making it somehow a one-on-one approach.

Here are photos of our first few sessions:

Day 1: The little girl was very apprehensive. She didn’t want to follow instructions just yet.

Goggles on! Ready for Day 2


Day 2: In fairness to Sachi, she knew how to dive even before the lesson started… but it was the “frog dive” because she just jumps on her feet and dive with frog feet 😀




Day 4: Ready for the big pool!

I am so proud of Sachi. Well, coming from a “dipper” (literal, I just dip my feet in the water), seeing my daughter dive is a really joy for me. We have 6 more sessions to go, can’t wait to see her progress. Stage mother much! :p