I have BIG news! Well, for starters, I want to make a shout out first to the universe — A BIG THANK YOU for all the opportunities coming my way… our way. Thank You Lord for all these blessings.

So first off, I am going to work! Well, I had just a little over a month rest since I last “worked”, but if you think of it, I don’t really consider my last job as a “job”, it was more of a freelance work. Since there was no going to the office, traveling back and forth, no colleagues to mingle with… this new opportunity is a big deal for me. My last “nine-to-five job” was 4 years ago. Imagine the nervousness I felt during the interviews. I felt like a fresh grad!

To cut the story short, I passed (ALL SMILES) and now finishing the pre-employment requirements… thus the title of this entry, “Paper Updates”. Most of the requirements are readily available but some are still in my maiden name… so yes the inevitable surname change is now happening (yesssss, after 4 years!) 

Good thing, I had my SSS and passport changed last year. Yes again, it was just last year that I had these changed 😀 C’mon, there wasn’t any need for me to do it anyways. It’s so stressful to deal with government agencies, lining up, red tape, and everything in between… so I was putting it on hold for the longest time… until now.

So which ones need to be changed?

1) Driver’s License – Since it also expired last year, I had to renew and simultaneously change the status. Satellite offices in Malls don’t accept this kind of change so we had to go to Marikina LTO office. We asked help from Manong Rick, who was stationed at Midtown, since hubby had to get a new license too, plus the car needs registration, so help is “sulit”.

2) NBI Clearance – I am dreading this because I’ve heard horror stories of falling in line in the wee hours of the morning night. I was already issued a clearance before, way way back when I was a fresh grad. But the new system says that there are no more renewals of old NBI clearance. “ALL APPLICATIONS ARE CONSIDERED “FIRST TIME APPLICATIONS’. I did lose that old clearance anyways.

As I am writing this, I’m thinking of having a representative fall in line for me. May papayag kaya? 😀

Next opportunity is another small business for us. This kind of business has been on my list for the longest time. I even paid for a seminar which I wasn’t able to attend way back in 2008. So even if this is just a small business, I’m considering it BIG because I’m finally having it checked on my “to-do” list! 🙂 Then, I still have one thing going on but I am not sure if I have the energy to continue… I just might put it on hold.

My priority now is my job, a possible career in the corporate world, a chance I wanted before I step into the big THREE-O, and a chance I got. This could be the MORE that I’ve been looking for. So I am nothing but grateful. THANK YOU LORD!!!