It is to no surprise that we are having this Lalaloopsy themed birthday this year as this is her latest toy craze. I spent a month making all these Do-it-Yourself party crafts, with special mention to yaya J who was very helpful and eager to assist. From invitation, food tag, ribbons, set-up, activities to her “costume”, it was all DIY.  Researching, designing,  photoshop-ing, printing, taping, stapling, lots and lots of cutting, sticking, shopping, name it and it has been made. All the little details made this small intimate party a one-month prep.

Pero sulit all the spare time that I spent for this “project”. I’m one proud momma, which is very well appreciated as she keeps on saying “I  love you so much mommy and thank you for preparing my party” ❤

We take you to our little celebration spent with classmates, a post yet again full of photos.


Invitation, girls and boys edition


Welcome to our Lalaloopsy Sparty

Welcome Sign

Scarlet Riding Hood's Activity Area

Scarlet Riding Hood’s activity area


The birthday girl in her kikay outfit, with our  hand drawn make your own t-shirt 🙂

Twinkle and Pix E Flutter

Twinkle and Pix E. Flutter’s Tasty Sweets

Sugar's Cookie Delight

Sugar Crumb’s Cookie Delight and Pizza

Lalaloopsy Buffet

Sweet Buffet

Lalaloopsy Party-2

For my uber to the max sweet daughter, a very fitting sugar overload buffet :p – Cotton Candy, Doughnuts, Cupcake, cheese sticks, hotdog and mallows, popcorn, fish biscuits, bread sticks and chocolate cake

Lalaloopsy Party-3

With our DIY toppers

Lalaloopsy Party-4

Marina Anchor’s Fish Biscuit

Ember's Water Station

Ember Flicker Flame’s Water Station

Lalaloopsy Party-1

The celebrant with her classmates. Bubble time!!!

Bubble Fun

Kiddie Sparty

Girls Kiddie Sparty

Lalaloopsy Party-8

Make your own Lalaloopsy Bracelet

Lalaloopsy Party-7

Panda Girls and Moms

Lalaloopsy Party-6

Coloring sheets

Lalaloopsy Party-5

Paper mache activity

Lalaloopsy Party-9

Lalaloopsy Party-12

Ever supportive daddies

Lalaloopsy Party-11

A thank you gift for mommies’ presence 🙂

4th Bday Lalaloopsy Party

Lalaloopsy Party-10

Thank you to the parents of Sachi’s classmates for going to our party/sending their kids to join us. Thank you SEW much! You made my little girl happy 🙂 It was a fun and a new experience for our little boys and girls, a memorable 4th birthday spent with her friends 🙂