Lala who? Lalaloopsy!! The button-eyed rag-slash-stick doll is the newest craze in (toddler girl) town. It’s been the “hot toy of 2010”, but not only until last year (2012), that I heard it from the little girl. I’m not even sure how she knew about the doll because there wasn’t any local show.

This little girl has been smitten by the toy for quite awhile but since the doll is quit pricey, I didn’t want to buy with no occasion. So her first Lalaloopsy dolls were opened on Christmas eve. And boy was she so happy! I am not a fan of  its price tag since there is no mechanism or special attribute that the doll can do. You can’t even brush the hair nor hug it with that snuggly and comfy feeling because it is a hard toy. All it does is move its head, arms and legs.

But in spite all that, you can see me eyeing toy stores for more Lalaloopsy. Even I, am hooked!

We were lucky to have friends who indulged in her Lalaloopsy preference, that she got a handful of Lalaloopsy dolls last Christmas 🙂


So when I found out about Lalaloopsy Meet & Greet, I immediately planned to surprise her.

On the day the meet & greet, all she knew was there was a surprise. When she saw the big Lalaloopsy, her face was a bit confused, then when it registered, her eyes lit up, all giddy and was shouting “Mommy!!” as if she cannot believe there is a live Lalaloopsy on stage.


Middle pic shows her reaction upon seeing Lalaloopsy mascot.


We immediately left our face painting queue and went straight to Yaya J, who I asked to queue for us on the photo op line.

While we wait for our turn, she was very malikot, moving around, hindi mapakali. Then she turned to me, hugged me tight and said “Thank you Mommy for my surprise”

I have the sweetest daughter!



Of course, I couldn’t let this pass too…


After all, I am all so smitten too! 🙂