“SachiLoopsy’s” Birthday SPArty!

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It is to no surprise that we are having this Lalaloopsy themed birthday this year as this is her latest toy craze. I spent a month making all these Do-it-Yourself party crafts, with special mention to yaya J who was very helpful and eager to assist. From invitation, food tag, ribbons, set-up, activities to her “costume”, it was all DIY.  Researching, designing,  photoshop-ing, printing, taping, stapling, lots and lots of cutting, sticking, shopping, name it and it has been made. All the little details made this small intimate party a one-month prep.

Pero sulit all the spare time that I spent for this “project”. I’m one proud momma, which is very well appreciated as she keeps on saying “I  love you so much mommy and thank you for preparing my party” ❤

We take you to our little celebration spent with classmates, a post yet again full of photos.


Invitation, girls and boys edition


Welcome to our Lalaloopsy Sparty

Welcome Sign

Scarlet Riding Hood's Activity Area

Scarlet Riding Hood’s activity area


The birthday girl in her kikay outfit, with our  hand drawn make your own t-shirt 🙂

Twinkle and Pix E Flutter

Twinkle and Pix E. Flutter’s Tasty Sweets

Sugar's Cookie Delight

Sugar Crumb’s Cookie Delight and Pizza

Lalaloopsy Buffet

Sweet Buffet

Lalaloopsy Party-2

For my uber to the max sweet daughter, a very fitting sugar overload buffet :p – Cotton Candy, Doughnuts, Cupcake, cheese sticks, hotdog and mallows, popcorn, fish biscuits, bread sticks and chocolate cake

Lalaloopsy Party-3

With our DIY toppers

Lalaloopsy Party-4

Marina Anchor’s Fish Biscuit

Ember's Water Station

Ember Flicker Flame’s Water Station

Lalaloopsy Party-1

The celebrant with her classmates. Bubble time!!!

Bubble Fun

Kiddie Sparty

Girls Kiddie Sparty

Lalaloopsy Party-8

Make your own Lalaloopsy Bracelet

Lalaloopsy Party-7

Panda Girls and Moms

Lalaloopsy Party-6

Coloring sheets

Lalaloopsy Party-5

Paper mache activity

Lalaloopsy Party-9

Lalaloopsy Party-12

Ever supportive daddies

Lalaloopsy Party-11

A thank you gift for mommies’ presence 🙂

4th Bday Lalaloopsy Party

Lalaloopsy Party-10

Thank you to the parents of Sachi’s classmates for going to our party/sending their kids to join us. Thank you SEW much! You made my little girl happy 🙂 It was a fun and a new experience for our little boys and girls, a memorable 4th birthday spent with her friends 🙂


Happy 4th Birthday, Sachi!

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To our dear daughter,

No words can define how happy we are for having a daughter like you. You are the sweetest. At 4 years old, you know so many things that daddy and I often find ourselves just looking at each other and at a lost for words. You are very talkative and converse like an adult. You are playful and at times controlling. At this age, you exude a leader personality. You like to play pretend, play bubbles, jump from one sofa to another, skip, hop and just be the fun active little girl that you are.

I am also very proud that you are potty trained and you control your peepee very well. You sleep without nappy at 3 years and 10 months.  You like brownies, and chocolate cake. You love the new toy Lalaloopsy and watch the show over and over until you memorize their lines. You enjoy going to school and has never been absent. Teacher says you pretend to be the teacher sometimes. You work with little to no supervision. You need still need to learn how to take criticisms well, but all of your academics are excellent. You also write well, and color inside the lines. You are OC that way.

Often times, you are very makulit. You call “mommy” like there is no tomorrow. You are still shy, most especially when prodded and with new faces around you. I think you feel pressured. Also, you show a perfectionist attitude. When you do something, you’d sometimes react, “no, not perfect!” When you don’t know what to do, you observe and is shy to try unless you are sure you know already.

Did I mention you are the sweetest? You give mommy flowers when you go out for a walk. Even more, you ask permission from the garden owner “Can I get this for my mommy?”. You blurt “I love you” every other minute. You bless-hug-and-kiss all the time, in that order. You say things like “I love you super duper much mommy and daddy”, you give us long kisses. When we pretend to be sick, you take care of us and give us sweet long kisses. When in the dentist, you check up on me periodically and ask “Are you okay, mommy? I will just be here” Oh, little girl, this and so much more…

We thank the Lord for a year of health, joy and knowledge. You didn’t get sick the whole year except for the usual cough and colds that didn’t really matter, in short hindi mo ininda.

We cannot pray for anything more, just the continuous blessing that you are getting and you are giving.

You are our biggest and most important blessing. Mommg & Daddy loves you “super duper much!”

Happy happy birthday!!!


Concrete Jungle

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It’s already the first quarter of  2013 and I haven’t had the chance to blog about my 2012 US trip. Something as exciting and special as this need no further delay. Part of last year’s trip is an adventure in New York!! 🙂

JFK Airport

So excited to land in the big city, can’t you see? 😉

In New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There’s nothing you can’t do, now you’re in New York
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you, let’s hear it for New YorkNew York, New York

Times Square

One hand in the air for the big city Street lights, big dreams all looking pretty No place in the world that can compare Put your lighters in the air, everybody say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Battery Park

Battery Park

NY Taxi

I’ve never, in a million years, thought I’d be traveling to New York, and travelling with who? A soul sister! Like really, it was a few days off… as “me-time”, and it was well spent getting lost in New York! 🙂

US Trip March 2012-11

Embassy – Church – Waldorf

US Trip March 2012-Serendipity

The famous Serendipity restaurant

US Trip March 2012-Statue of Liberty

So near, yet so far! Off to see the Statue of Liberty, but the queue was too long. So here, we say hello from afar

US Trip March 2012-10

Times Square – Rockefeller Center

US Trip March 2012-Battery Park US Trip March 2012-Katz


US Trip March 2012-Subway

Train, subway — cheers to more adventures, FM!

Here’s to chasing, catching and fulfillment of dreams!

Life Surprises, Life Challenges

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There comes a time in your life when you ask “Is this where I want to be?”

At twenty nine, I often find myself asking that. It stresses me out. Life challenges.

I didn’t imagine I’d have a 4-year old kid, a husband and my own business at this age. I thought I’d just be employed and living the single life. Life surprises.

I live for my family, my husband and my daughter. I never knew I can be this maternal. Life surprises.

New business, closing of business, moving business, all about business. Both surprising and challenging.

Having the opportunity to earn income while seeing my daughter 24/7 is one of the best opportunities. Life surprises

But the kind of work, remuneration, benefits (or the lack thereof) is becoming a challenge.

Marriage, Motherhood, both challenging and surprising.

So yeah, if you ask me, is this where I want to be? No. I kind of feel sad that my answer is no, but there really is so much more…

I have so much more… where I want to be… and we are in the process.

I cannot wait to face and conquer life challenges and more surprises

Is this an end of the-calendar-age-crisis? Is it just me? Are you where you want to be?

Business Permit Renewal

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It’s that time of the year where every business establishments are required to visit the City Hall. Here is a very informative video from Marikina.

As for me, it’s only been 6 months since our paperwork (coz we had to make arrangements for the change in location), now we have to do it all over again for renewal. That’s life. Business life.

And as the Mayor said it, “Let’s pay our dues on time”


For more info on requirements, visit http://marikinanews.wordpress.com/tag/business-permit/ or the BPLO website 

Christmas is in the air

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It’s the middle of January and I’m writing about Christmas. Well, first of, it’s very obvious how I am MIA in writing. Second, the weather is perfect, much like the usual -ber coldness. Even at 9 in the morning, the wind is cold, in the city pa ha! I therefore conclude, the best time to chill al fresco is January-February na talga.

Going back, Christmas 2012 was very intimate. It was just us three, hubby and daughter. And that’s what’s important, we are together 🙂 The month of December is as usual, a festive month with parties here and there, and decors all around. I just love this month! Here are some snapshots of our 12-2012

Lalaloopsy Craze!

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Lala who? Lalaloopsy!! The button-eyed rag-slash-stick doll is the newest craze in (toddler girl) town. It’s been the “hot toy of 2010”, but not only until last year (2012), that I heard it from the little girl. I’m not even sure how she knew about the doll because there wasn’t any local show.

This little girl has been smitten by the toy for quite awhile but since the doll is quit pricey, I didn’t want to buy with no occasion. So her first Lalaloopsy dolls were opened on Christmas eve. And boy was she so happy! I am not a fan of  its price tag since there is no mechanism or special attribute that the doll can do. You can’t even brush the hair nor hug it with that snuggly and comfy feeling because it is a hard toy. All it does is move its head, arms and legs.

But in spite all that, you can see me eyeing toy stores for more Lalaloopsy. Even I, am hooked!

We were lucky to have friends who indulged in her Lalaloopsy preference, that she got a handful of Lalaloopsy dolls last Christmas 🙂


So when I found out about Lalaloopsy Meet & Greet, I immediately planned to surprise her.

On the day the meet & greet, all she knew was there was a surprise. When she saw the big Lalaloopsy, her face was a bit confused, then when it registered, her eyes lit up, all giddy and was shouting “Mommy!!” as if she cannot believe there is a live Lalaloopsy on stage.


Middle pic shows her reaction upon seeing Lalaloopsy mascot.


We immediately left our face painting queue and went straight to Yaya J, who I asked to queue for us on the photo op line.

While we wait for our turn, she was very malikot, moving around, hindi mapakali. Then she turned to me, hugged me tight and said “Thank you Mommy for my surprise”

I have the sweetest daughter!



Of course, I couldn’t let this pass too…


After all, I am all so smitten too! 🙂


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