Okay, I am back tracking my posts and I wonder if I posted Sachi’s first day in preschool. To my surprise, I didn’t! Di ko mahanap eh. Tsk, so here I am back tracking on an important milestone in the little girl’s life.

Our first day, shown in pictures:

Sachi, at first was very shy. That was expected though. She spent around 30 mins in one corner observing everyone, not bulging into any invitation of classmates and teachers to join the art activities. After what seemed like forever, Trey tugged her and that’s all she needed. Extra time and a special tug. She worked on her name painting, listened to teacher and participated. Good job for a first day!

Gets me to thinking how my first days were in preschool. All I remember (and oftentimes reminded by the elders), I am the kid who cries on the floor and bawls her heart out. In short, naglulupasay. Tsk. So yeah, compared to her mommy, Sachi did way better on her first day 🙂 🙂


I did have a draft pala, dated June 14, 2012 but it was not published. Just a little note for myself 🙂