This was on my draft, 5 months to posting eh? LOL. Well, better late than never —

June is usually a festive month. For three straight years, we usually open new business ventures at this time of the year. No, it’s not planned, it just happened to be that way for the past years. This year, no new business (but we recently transfered our nail salon branch). Apart from that, June is Father’s Day month, Our Anniversary, and My Mama’s special day.

Father’s Day was spent with my brother-in-law. We ate ate Tong Yang, JM’s original favorite eat-all-you-can because of the  hotpot/ shabu shabu. Got a separate post here

Below is Sachi’s Artwork from school

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! We Love yyooouuuu!

Mama’s birthday dinner with the Villa’s

Yummy prawns and crabs! Two of my favorite seafood deli

With my cousin who I don’t see very often

And for our anniversary, we had dinner at one of my favorite eat-all-you-can just because they have wonderful greens, marbled beef and olive oil that I love to wrap! 😀

So you see, it’s all about eating for us! I never imagined I will enjoy eating this much. From the pihikan and the payatot girl that I used to be, oh what a joy it is to eat! :p 🙂