Again, this post is on my draft dated Sept 25, but the photos are little events of June-July 2012. Not sure why I did not post it, I’m guessing I wanted to add more pics but in the end I am “back lagging” even more (is there such a term? :p) So here, I’ll just post then —

Been MIA for awhile. Its because I’m getting hooked with Instagram. I owe updates on my blog, so here are Instagram photos that sum up previous weeks events and every day activities 🙂


Baby Ballet

We attended our first ballet class!! Woot! She’s so cute in her ballet outfit 😀 I never tried ballet so I am very eager to see her learn the tricks.

Look at her so yabang. I told her I want to take a picture of her outfit. She posed and tiptoed. Cuute! Like a real ballerina 😉

But as usual, when the teacher and classmates arrived, 55 mins of the 1-hour session was spent on the side, forcing, coercing and bribing her to join the class. Only on the last 5 minutes did she let go of her aprehension.

Talaga naman my shy daughter.

Barbie Mini Event at SM


Movie date with Ricel and Caissa. Well well, what else is on top of girlfriends movie watchlist but Magic Mike! There were a lot of cuts (boo)! But the movie was fun, made us want to experience watching the real thing live ;p

We also celebrated Lexy’s Christening. Pretty mommy, cute baby! and yummy food at Conti’s! #hungerstrikes haha! 😀

There was also a celebration of LOVE

College Barkada threw a mini reception party for Pau and Mike who flew in from the US for their wedding.

And of course, we met up with Gay and Bop, for our “housewives club” 😀
Our hubbies are inseparable, most especially on alcohol, so the wives bond over gossips, events, vacation, family travels,  kid activities, kids playtime and all other mommy stuff.

Co-workers on my once-a-week Makati life 🙂


Preschool and Mac. Wow this generation!

Attended our first PTC, how weird and fulfilling the feeling is 😀