Family Day Olympics 2012

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The last family day I remember as a child was my CSC days… or perhaps that was my sister or bother’s family day? Case in point, it was that long ago. So when I saw the “Family Day” on Sachi’s school calendar this September, I was excited! This used to be a big event in our preschool days. And doing it for my kid now is just…. (lost for words. speechless! shoot. am I really getting old?)

We were part of the Yellow team

The school organized games for the kids, for the mommies, for the daddies, and for families

The mommies in action
(This little girl with pink rubber pony tail andย sapiย is Sachi, cheering mommy!)

The activity highlight for me was this “sleigh”… our group did it so fast! It was an awkward position and I found myself shouting “left, right, left, right!” LOL

In the end, all kids were winners. The school prepared this chocolate medal ๐Ÿ™‚

Obviously, they were proud of their “medals”

Sachi is fond of both classmates. She says they are her best friends.
One of the boys lang?

This first family day activity for sure will be marked special on our calendar.

Til our next school activity!



Carnival Day: Father and Child

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One of the many things we like about our little kid’s school is that they take time to organize family activities. It seems like every other week, there is an event. Last July, we had the Mother and Child Crafting Activity, for August, we had the Father and Child Carnival Day. This September, we had the Family Day Olympics and the Grandparents’ Day celebration. It is a fun-filled and activity packed school year. For first time school parents, we are indeed very happy we chose andย recommended the right school to our friend/s.ย  If only for these bonding activities, enrolling your kid at ISYC is worth every penny. And we haven’t even touched academics yet.

I’ve been lagging with my blog posts due to the busy schedule. Let me share the fun Father and Child Carnival Day held at the school ground.

But of course, the little girl needed some time to warm up ๐Ÿ™‚

Each classroom served as carnival stations where father and child teams up to win tickets.

She aimed for the nose, and hit it! Yay! Good job!

She loves this fishing game at home, smaller version of course. Thus, the concentration ๐Ÿ˜€

Daddy giving words of encouragement to his partner ๐Ÿ™‚

After the carnival games, there was a presentation at multi-purpose hall

It was none other than, the Golden Show! He was the same guy who performed during Sachi’s 1st Birthday and as usual, he is quite a performer. Even if I’ve watched him several times already, I am still entertained

Daddies and kids with Teacher Leah

Thank you to all the teachers and staff of ISYC for a fun father and child bonding event ๐Ÿ™‚