Last May, when we took Sachi for a general check-up required for school, the pediatrician felt prominent lymph nodes on the sides of her neck.  We were advised to have x-ray done and skin test to rule out serious illness. The pedia said it can also be because of her “sirang ngipin”, but can possibly be primary complex too. So to be sure, we set a date for a check up at TMC. Hai, upon hearing “skin test”, I got scared for her 😦 I know how painful skin tests are.

Here is my brave little girl lying down on the x-ray for kids.
Ang galing, you just lie down and voila, your x-ray is done!

Here we are waiting for the nurse for her skin test. The little girl loves to play pretend.

Sachi (aka Doctor): What is your name?
Mama (aka Patient): Evelyn
Sachi repeats the name pretends to write her name on paper (lol!)

And so on and so forth with basic questions, age, address…

Thank God the results are clear, the skin test is negative and so is her x-ray — cleared!

It must be her teeth… another dental appointment is next on the list