Updated post… Yipee!! 🙂

Today marks hubby’s double three! I planned simple surprises for him

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach
The sumptuous buffet of Vikings is well raved because of the variety of foods, the flavorful dishes, unlimited drinks, and hey! they serve beer! The last time we were here, hubby wasn’t able to join us because of work. So, here we are (and here I am just a week apart from my last visit),  having yet again a gastronomic treat.

Now comes the manly stuff…
The second part of the unknown activity is just “across” the street

A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone—

The hubby looks like a pro! I went ahead and did the tutorial… sa tagal ko, natuto na daw sya. LOL

I was sooo nervous! Not because I might not hit the target, but because something might go wrong and… well… I’m holding an armed gun. My first ever question was “Hindi ba babalik un bala sa atin?” What if it doesn’t go through and goes back right to you? Gosh! May nerbyos yata ako. LOL

But nope, nothing like that happened. It was just my imagination :p

Nakakakaba, because I am actually firing a deadly weapon. Scared that I might drop it or the gun might malfunction… But I mustered the courage and finished the 50 ammos. Okay fine. I gave 2 rounds to the husband, then the rest was all mine.

We are both happy with the experience. He was so into it, while I was secretly waiting to quickly finish my ammos. hahaha 🙂 That does not mean I didn’t like it, I liked it! It was my idea after all. LOL. I recommend that we girls experience this, at least once in our life. A very masculine activity. So out of my comfort zone. If I wasn’t imaginative and nervous, I would have bought another set of ammos and savored the experience.

Bottom line: it is a good bonding activity with hubby. So kahit ninenerbyos ka, go! Conquer your fear!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my one and only!!!
I wish you more patience, wisdom and peace of mind.
I wish you both wealth and good health.
The fulfillment of your dreams.

Soon, I hope you feel the fruits of your labor, and may you be healthy and free from any form of illness.

Thank you for always trying to be the best person you can be. You are the best dad and best husband. We love you so so much!


Manila Target Shooting Range Inc.
Gun Club Membership Php 2,500; Renewal Php 2,000

HK Sun Plaza, Macapagal Ave. Pasay City

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