A Trip to Museo Pambata

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A trip to Museo Pambata has long been on the list, but we never really had the chance to visit. Well for one, it is far from where we live. Second, it would be a huge success to drag hubby with this kind of activity (apart from the very busy schedule now, c’mon, this is not really his thing)… but without further ado, here we are finally visiting “Seyo pambata”  as Sachi would excitedly call it.

The first room we entered was the Old Manila “Any Maynila Noon”

The Spanish Galleon

Bahay na Bato

Philippines most common public transportation, the Jeepney

Ang dalagita sa bintana

Solo muna si mommy :p

Manila establishments, noon at ngayon

Us, noon at ngayon

Ang gwardya sibil at si Maria

Inside the miniature Binondo Cathedral


Three for the Thrill

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Three for the Thrill

Just want to share my first Zipline ride… happy to share the experience with Bopeep and Gay!

Tagaytay Zipline March 2012