We’ve had a few dental visits, around 4 to 5, but its the little girl’s first time to have pasta today. It was a loooong visit. At first she was all behaved, sitting by herself and doing the drill. Open wide, gargle, etc etc. But when she heard and felt the “drilling” she started to become anxious. Then when she saw the “inejction-like” pasta filling, she refused to open her mouth.

Pleading, stories, explanations, lahat ng pambobola…. we did demo, run through the procedure, showed the big hole that needs to be filled, ang tagal, until finally she agreed to sit on my lap and finish the filling.

Ayayay. Ang hirap maging ina. LOL. I don’t like dental visits myself so I feel for her. I don’t like that drill tool. But I had to sound like the dentist is my most favorite person in the world.


First Dental Pasta
April 24, 2012, 12pm
Dental Plaza, Marikina City