We are going to the “big” school this June!

We’ve been preparing for this upcoming school year. Last week, we got our school requirements and assessment schedule. Sad that they “forgot” my little girl because they couldn’t find the pre-prepared brown envelope. But the teacher quickly gathered new documents and was apologetic.

We can’t wait for June! The moment I got home, I filled up the forms (spell excited!!)
Oh but before the SY, I fear the assessment day as I know myΒ daughter… she becomes too shy when in front of strangers. She wouldn’t even answer “what’s your name?” even after a lot of prep ups.

Mental note: I should probably bring her videos… she’s very talkative and smart. She’s just hesitant to speak up when in front of unfamiliar faces. LOL defensive agad. Ready na ako sa sasabihin sa teacher :p But prove me wrong, daughter! πŸ™‚