Dear Max,

Ninang is so privileged to be with you on your first and most important occasion of your life, your christening.
Thanks to your parents who are determined to give you anything but the best, including getting me as your godmother (haha, just kidding!), but they truly love you to bits. I saw how hands on your parents are. When you grow up, don’t forget to thank them.

You are one behaved adorable little girl. At 3 months, you sleep through the night. Who does that at that age? Only you! You often smile and giggle in your sleep. Well, you smile a lot. You smile when you see ninang (really! =)). You sleep the whole ride from point A to B, you watch TV with your daddy. You don’t even cry that much when you’re sick. You are a happy baby, must be a reflection of the love you get from the people around you. You are giving your parents an easy parenthood… that’s very good. I hope it stays that way until you grow up.

When you grow up, look back on this day when your parents gave you this wonderful christening celebration.

Know that you have a family in the Philippines waiting for you… Tito JM, Sachi and Ninang 🙂

Ninang Arlene

Meet Maxine Adrienne

Maxine is my dear friend’s daughter, making her my god daughter.

God Bless you, Maxine!