Last night was one of the most fun weddings we’ve been to. No there wasn’t any major laugh trip or fun activity, but the whole environment of the wedding was just fun. And would we be surprised of this fun and happy event when the groom is Mr. Funny man himself, Thirdie and the bride, Ms. Simple, down-to-earth Bern? 🙂 Third’s antics in regular conversations are all benta to me, they do deserve this happy occasion. Well done Mr. & Mrs. Jalgalado! Welcome to the club! 🙂

Black Tie Coat Event
(He refuse to wear a tie… I wonder why, doesn’t this look good on him? He says it is so uncomfortable. So I guess the (lack of) tie was kind of a rebellion? lol)

The hubs enjoyed himself that he didn’t want to end the after party at the reception.

At the Church

Notable was the emotional groom that made us all teary eyed. 14 years of love, they’ve come a long way!

The Boys

The Girls

With the newlyweds, and the soon to be! (Cher + Rob)

With couple Ivette + Arwind

With the blooming bride

The hubs with the bride

Frank, Crystal, Arlene and JM

BF and Miya + Mr. and Mrs. Noel and Erika Chia + Mr. and Mrs. JM and Arlene Delos Santos + Mr. and Mrs. Arwind and Ivette Santos (Sorry Ivette, you got cut)

Everyone’s getting married! Oh we are OF AGE!

Best Wishes Third and Bern!!! Congratulations!


I started this entry the morning after the wedding, Feb 26. Thus the “last night” as my opening phrase 😀