A First: Dental Pasta

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We’ve had a few dental visits, around 4 to 5, but its the little girl’s first time to have pasta today. It was a loooong visit. At first she was all behaved, sitting by herself and doing the drill. Open wide, gargle, etc etc. But when she heard and felt the “drilling” she started to become anxious. Then when she saw the “inejction-like” pasta filling, she refused to open her mouth.

Pleading, stories, explanations, lahat ng pambobola…. we did demo, run through the procedure, showed the big hole that needs to be filled, ang tagal, until finally she agreed to sit on my lap and finish the filling.

Ayayay. Ang hirap maging ina. LOL. I don’t like dental visits myself so I feel for her. I don’t like that drill tool. But I had to sound like the dentist is my most favorite person in the world.


First Dental Pasta
April 24, 2012, 12pm
Dental Plaza, Marikina City

Cza + Arlee 11.11.11

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The perfect wedding date, fabulous wedding party, every girl’s dream wedding gown… what more can you ask for?

Czarina + Arlee

P.S. Super late post!!! 😀

Czarina’s gown is LOOOVE
My favorite of all wedding gowns!
[after mine… which she fabulously made! ;-)]


Getting Ready for the Big School

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We are going to the “big” school this June!

We’ve been preparing for this upcoming school year. Last week, we got our school requirements and assessment schedule. Sad that they “forgot” my little girl because they couldn’t find the pre-prepared brown envelope. But the teacher quickly gathered new documents and was apologetic.

We can’t wait for June! The moment I got home, I filled up the forms (spell excited!!)
Oh but before the SY, I fear the assessment day as I know my daughter… she becomes too shy when in front of strangers. She wouldn’t even answer “what’s your name?” even after a lot of prep ups.

Mental note: I should probably bring her videos… she’s very talkative and smart. She’s just hesitant to speak up when in front of unfamiliar faces. LOL defensive agad. Ready na ako sa sasabihin sa teacher :p But prove me wrong, daughter! 🙂

Bern + Third

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Last night was one of the most fun weddings we’ve been to. No there wasn’t any major laugh trip or fun activity, but the whole environment of the wedding was just fun. And would we be surprised of this fun and happy event when the groom is Mr. Funny man himself, Thirdie and the bride, Ms. Simple, down-to-earth Bern? 🙂 Third’s antics in regular conversations are all benta to me, they do deserve this happy occasion. Well done Mr. & Mrs. Jalgalado! Welcome to the club! 🙂

Black Tie Coat Event
(He refuse to wear a tie… I wonder why, doesn’t this look good on him? He says it is so uncomfortable. So I guess the (lack of) tie was kind of a rebellion? lol)

The hubs enjoyed himself that he didn’t want to end the after party at the reception.

At the Church

Notable was the emotional groom that made us all teary eyed. 14 years of love, they’ve come a long way!

The Boys

The Girls

With the newlyweds, and the soon to be! (Cher + Rob)

With couple Ivette + Arwind

With the blooming bride

The hubs with the bride

Frank, Crystal, Arlene and JM

BF and Miya + Mr. and Mrs. Noel and Erika Chia + Mr. and Mrs. JM and Arlene Delos Santos + Mr. and Mrs. Arwind and Ivette Santos (Sorry Ivette, you got cut)

Everyone’s getting married! Oh we are OF AGE!

Best Wishes Third and Bern!!! Congratulations!


I started this entry the morning after the wedding, Feb 26. Thus the “last night” as my opening phrase 😀

Maxine Adrienne


Dear Max,

Ninang is so privileged to be with you on your first and most important occasion of your life, your christening.
Thanks to your parents who are determined to give you anything but the best, including getting me as your godmother (haha, just kidding!), but they truly love you to bits. I saw how hands on your parents are. When you grow up, don’t forget to thank them.

You are one behaved adorable little girl. At 3 months, you sleep through the night. Who does that at that age? Only you! You often smile and giggle in your sleep. Well, you smile a lot. You smile when you see ninang (really! =)). You sleep the whole ride from point A to B, you watch TV with your daddy. You don’t even cry that much when you’re sick. You are a happy baby, must be a reflection of the love you get from the people around you. You are giving your parents an easy parenthood… that’s very good. I hope it stays that way until you grow up.

When you grow up, look back on this day when your parents gave you this wonderful christening celebration.

Know that you have a family in the Philippines waiting for you… Tito JM, Sachi and Ninang 🙂

Ninang Arlene

Meet Maxine Adrienne

Maxine is my dear friend’s daughter, making her my god daughter.

God Bless you, Maxine!

Family Day: Manila Zoo

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I have a little girl who adore animals. She would pretend to be a cat and purr like crazy. She loves her animal toys, most especially the dogs. She has a thing for animals. So before I left for my trip, we took her out for a day at the zoo.

ELEPHANTastic smell

Did you know that Manila Zoo first opened in 1959? It is said to be the oldest zoo in Asia. Hmm… now that’s a trivia!

With a land area of 5.5 hectares, the zoo houses several animals, from reptiles to mammals, from the local goats to the unusual tigers.

Tiger says “rrooarr”

Hot hot day!


John 3:16

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John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

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