Last Sunday during Father’s homily

Sachi: Who is that Mommy?
A: That’s Father
S: What is Father saying?
A: He’s teaching us the words of God
S: Oh.
S: Who is God? I don’t know God (P.S. She only knows Papa Jesus)
A: God is the one taking care of us
S: But I don’t know him
A: He is in heaven
S: (Looks up) Why is he not here? (pointing to the ground)
A: Because He needs to be up there to see us
S: But I don’t know Him, I don’t see Him. He should go here
A: No, if he goes down here, he won’t see everyone. He needs to see everyone so he can take care of all of us
S: (looks up again) But I don’t know Him

In my mind, Anak, sa CLE na natin ipaubaya ang masinsinang pag explica ng mga bagay bagay =)))


During homily, the priest raises his voice to put emphasis on his point….

S: Mommy, is Father getting mad?
A: No
S: He’s getting mad mommy



S: Who is that talking, mommy? (Referring to the commentator)
A: That’s tita
S: (Looks at the commentator) No, that’s ate
A: Okay, yes that’s ate
S: What is she saying?
A: You listen. Keep quiet then you listen
(Commentator stops talking)
S: Why did she stop talking, mommy?
A: Because she needs to rest her voice
S: Why
A: So that when Father comes, she can talk again. If she doesn’t rest, she will have no voice
S: Oh. Ate is resting so she will have voice because if she doesn’t rest, she will have no voice

Yes, anak you got that right. ulit ulit :p