Must Have Kiddie Applications for Android

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L- R: Puzzle for Kids,ย ย Song Machine,ย Where’s my Water
Smurf, Kid’s Doodle, Tracing ABC
Kid’s Connect, Talking Tom, Sanrio Hello Kitty Beauty Salon
Text Pad / Memo

The Move

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The Move

Yes, we are moving. I have mix emotions.

Our new location is an ideal spot, a hub in Marikina. It will pave way for longer business hours and convenience in a lot of aspects, from the management to our clients. However, I have been attached to our current branch, dugo’t pawis literal, hands on from its construction to its two years of operation.

But it must be done. I have to let go of my attachment to pave way for better things.

Kids Ask Anything: Curious Sachi

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Last Sunday during Father’s homily

Sachi: Who is that Mommy?
A: That’s Father
S: What is Father saying?
A: He’s teaching us the words of God
S: Oh.
S: Who is God? I don’t know God (P.S. She only knows Papa Jesus)
A: God is the one taking care of us
S: But I don’t know him
A: He is in heaven
S: (Looks up) Why is he not here? (pointing to the ground)
A: Because He needs to be up there to see us
S: But I don’t know Him, I don’t see Him. He should go here
A: No, if he goes down here, he won’t see everyone. He needs to see everyone so he can take care of all of us
S:ย (looks up again) But I don’t know Him

In my mind, Anak, sa CLE na natin ipaubaya ang masinsinang pag explica ng mga bagay bagay =)))


During homily, the priest raises his voice to put emphasis on his point….

S: Mommy, is Father getting mad?
A: No
S: He’s getting mad mommy



S: Who is that talking, mommy? (Referring to the commentator)
A: That’s tita
S: (Looks at the commentator) No, that’s ate
A: Okay, yes that’s ate
S: What is she saying?
A: You listen. Keep quiet then you listen
(Commentator stops talking)
S: Why did she stop talking, mommy?
A: Because she needs to rest her voice
S: Why
A: So that when Father comes, she can talk again. If she doesn’t rest, she will have no voice
S: Oh. Ate is resting so she will have voice because if she doesn’t rest, she will have no voice

Yes, anak you got that right. ulit ulit :p

Flabsy’s Birthday Celebration

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My father is the most reserved, nice, down to earth and shy father of all.

Papa & Tatay

This is his everyday look — white t-shirt, jeans and slippers

We celebrated his 55th in our backyard

The little girl enjoyed the event. You see, only in the province can you expect children attending an adult celebration. Well, not just children, even neighbors, neighbors of neighbors, the whole household…

The best lechon is the backyard lechon– un kaka hango. saraaaaap!!

Kuya Ruzzel, Big Mouth (the stand up comedy performer), Kuya Obet, Mother dear, and sidekick of Big Mouth

Happy Happy Birthday Flabsy!!

You have everything already… a beautiful daughter (ehem ehem!), a beautiful apo (ehem sachi ehem!), a gorgeous wife, a stable business…. so for now we wish you good health!
May you always be safe from any harm
We love you!!!

I’m Back!!

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I haven’t had any post in almost a month. That means just one thing, either I was lazy or was too busy. Happy to report it was the latter :p

Events that transpired in the past month which I am to blog… plus previous backlog—

Bern + Third
Our visit to Manila Zoo
My US Visit!!
THE Transfer

I hope I can make an entry on all these! The US visit alone will require time! Well then, I guess I better start now ๐Ÿ™‚