For Christmas, I got Samsung Galaxy 7 PLUS as a gift. I’ve been wanting to have a tablet, initially eyeing for an iPad (who doesn’t?), but I am hesitant because 1) it is pricey 2) what is its purpose? 3) numbers 1 and 2 combine doesn’t seem right, because I know that the iPad will be used for internet purposes and games only (at least for me).

For someone who is starting her family life with start-up businesses, a purchase worth 20k+ simply for games and internet purposes cannot be justified. I can’t bring myself to own one. What will I do with my notebook and netbook?

But when I chanced upon Samsung store at the Cyberzone of SM Marikina, I saw the newly launched Samsung 7 PLUS (a day after it was released! sayang di ko naabutan the deal on the day of launch whatever it was), *Ding!* I was sold. The Samsung 7 plus is smaller than the iPad which makes it convenient to carry around, PLUS it has one feature that beats the iPad fair and square — its call and SMS feature.

It is, of course not Apple thus the difference in OS and applications, but I am loving the Android market and all its free applications! Numerous games and activities for both kids and adults.

I often get “force close” pop up windows on some applications, and more often on SMS and contacts (thus couldn’t use call feature), but it’s nothing that I can’t live without. A simple reboot or touch of the standby switch solves the problem.

So if you are looking for a good mobile tablet, mobile in more ways than one, I do recommend Samsung 7 plus 🙂



This is not a paid advertisement. I just want to share my love for my pad! 🙂