Samsung 7 Plus: Recommended

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For Christmas, I got Samsung Galaxy 7 PLUS as a gift. I’ve been wanting to have a tablet, initially eyeing for an iPad (who doesn’t?), but I am hesitant because 1) it is pricey 2) what is its purpose? 3) numbers 1 and 2 combine doesn’t seem right, because I know that the iPad will be used for internet purposes and games only (at least for me).

For someone who is starting her family life with start-up businesses, a purchase worth 20k+ simply for games and internet purposes cannot be justified. I can’t bring myself to own one. What will I do with my notebook and netbook?

But when I chanced upon Samsung store at the Cyberzone of SM Marikina, I saw the newly launched Samsung 7 PLUS (a day after it was released! sayang di ko naabutan the deal on the day of launch whatever it was), *Ding!* I was sold. The Samsung 7 plus is smaller than the iPad which makes it convenient to carry around, PLUS it has one feature that beats the iPad fair and square — its call and SMS feature.

It is, of course not Apple thus the difference in OS and applications, but I am loving the Android market and all its free applications! Numerous games and activities for both kids and adults.

I often get “force close” pop up windows on some applications, and more often on SMS and contacts (thus couldn’t use call feature), but it’s nothing that I can’t live without. A simple reboot or touch of the standby switch solves the problem.

So if you are looking for a good mobile tablet, mobile in more ways than one, I do recommend Samsung 7 plus πŸ™‚



This is not a paid advertisement. I just want to share my love for my pad! πŸ™‚



What’s Up

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It’s almost the end of the month and I’ve only had several entries… that just means one thing… been busy! Busy is good, yeah. And with my up coming trip, I couldn’t be more internet savvy. Oh Lord, please help me practice self control πŸ™‚

February events

Flabsy’s 55th Birthday Celebration

Cousin, K. Ruzzel’s visit after 20years

Comedy Bar

Side A at Antipolo

Fort double dates

The Spa

Simple Joys: Jamba Juice, Milk Tea, Cupcakes, Krispy Kreme Original Glaze

Ideal location for Relocation

I have yet to post pics. Since the tablet, it has been my everyday friend for daily snap shots, and for some reason (apparently), it is a drag to connect the usb cable than inserting memory card. Because when I was using my digital camera, I easily save photos on my notebook & upload. Oh well. Pics — soon!

Thank you for the Great Music, Whitney Houston

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I’ve been thinking (unintentionally) of death the past hours and I pray no one close to me would meet it!! So when I read that Houston died, this must be it.

It came as a shock because Houston, no matter the drug issues and falling off of her career, she is one big loss in the music industry. I for one love her songs. Who wouldn’t? Dubbed as the golden girl of the music industry in the 80’s and 90’s, Houston has a long list of hit makers. And a few have become my favorite “birit” songs (sans the voice :p).

From the infamous “I Will Always Love You” to “Saving All My Love for You”, hopeless romantic favorites “Where do Broken Hearts Go” and “Didn’t We Almost Have it All” to some newer hits, “Heartbreak Hotel”. And oh, who wouldn’t forget “Exhale”, a big hit in the 90’s with its “Shoop, shoop, shoopΒ Shoop be doop” πŸ˜€

There are the younger singers that made her hits, their shining pieces, one of which is “I Have Nothing” but for me, my well loved piece from Houston was this!! Such a happy and upper song yet signifies real emotions for single women πŸ™‚ Notice I said “was”, because I’ve already found somebody to dance with me. (cheeeesy! :D)

Thank you for the great music, Whitney Houston! You served as inspirations to a lot of people. Rest in Peace.

What’s that on your teeth?

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With the little girl’s capped teeth, we get this question all the time, and it’s perfectly fine. But when asked with an “eww” face like it is a bad thing, I get irked. Excuse me, why the face? That is a protection for her teeth— you really need to put up a face like that in front of my kid?

She’s happy and proud of her cap. And I’m one proud momma. You see, the little girl’s 4 front teeth are decayed (if that is the proper term), the 2 front teeth are chipped and the next two are like “pangil”. So to protect her teeth, we decided to put the cap. As advised by the dentist, it isΒ Β not really necessary but it will help serve as protection for her teeth, even if they are temporary. Well, we don’t want black and rotten teeth. At first, I was hesitant because she might not be able to handle the procedure. Boy was I wrong, she was the most behaved 2 year old kid sitting on a dentist chair. She was excited to have “beautiful teeth” as what we call it.

When I was prepping her up, I tell her this: “We’re going to put on your new teeth so you’ll have pretty teeth” And since then, she looks forward to our dental visits.

After the intial measurement… “Mommy, I have nice teeth na?”
She’s excited πŸ™‚

“Not yet, anak”

Some more measurements…

and voila!

Happily showing off her “new teeth” while adjusting to the feel of it πŸ™‚

*Dec 2, 2011 at 2 years 10 months