Did you know that Sachi was born Chinese New Year of 2009? She wasn’t induced. She really chose to get out from my then really taunted belly, a week before my due date.

Little did we know that 3 years on that life changing day, she would celebrate her birthday Chinese style (kuno) πŸ™‚

Our theme this year is Kai-lan, the Chinese little girl in Nickelodeon. For those who don’t know her, she’s somehow the counterpart of the Spanish speaking Dora, but this time Chinese speaking. My little girl loves watching the show, and with the scarcity of party materials, this just means not a lot have this kind of party theme.

The frustrated “party planner” that I am and with the (feeling) crafty hands that I have, I searched for Kai-lan items, which really were very scarce. I only got party banner, hats, blow outs and 2 pcs of candies that were Kai-lan ready made. All others I had to improvise. Read: create some makeshift artwork haha!

Take a look at our simple pool party at Cobo Pavilion, lovingly prepared by yours truly (and daddy of course!)

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Our food was all Filipino (daddy was in charge of this). I was in charge of no other than the dessert table.

Since it is Chinese inspired, I placed a pink “Chinese New Year Tree” adorned with good luck charms to be given away to guests. Turned out really nice πŸ™‚

The snacks and chocolates revolved around Pandas, round cookies, sushi inspired gummy candies, Kai-lan inspired cake pops and even hard boiled eggs! Haha yes kinareer pati the egg. I actually find it real cute because the end product looks like Kai-lan… oval shaped face and all. I got the template here

For the backdrop, I used paper lanterns, birthday banner bought from toy store and hand crafted name made of cartolina, art and crepe paper πŸ™‚
Happy happy birthday to our litlle girl!!! All the little things I made that took so much of my time is all worth it. Even this whole party-get together thing when we’re supposed to be saving is all worth it. Sulit na sulit syo ang pool! πŸ™‚

We love you, daughter! (She always wantes to be called “daughter”, not “baby” or “little girl”) May the Lord continue to bless you with good health, wisdom, active body and mind. May you always be free from harm. Thank you Lord for the 3 fun, healthy and active years of Sachi. Please bless her and the people around her all the time. Thank you for giving her to us πŸ™‚